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Jalen Hurts is taking his knee injury ‘day-by-day’

The Eagles QB talked about his knee issue, how the organization acquires talent, and preparing for the Commanders.

The last time we heard from Jalen Hurts was right after the Eagles beat the Dolphins, but he spoke to reporters again on Wednesday with an update on his knee, his thoughts on how the organization builds the roster, and preparing for the Commanders.

The QB said that they have to play clean football and execute. Statistically, they are actually better in a lot of areas this season compared to last, except for turnovers. He’s going to continue the things he can, which sometimes include the crazy turnovers off tipped balls or drops.

“I think the reality is, we have yet to play our best ball.”

Here’s what the quarterback had to say:

On his knee injury

Hurts said that he’s just taking things day-by-day in regards to his knee.

The QB referred to his post-game comments that the injury didn’t happen in the game, so it’s just something they’re dealing with day-by-day.

When asked how it was playing in a brace during the second half against the Dolphins, Hurts admitted that he wasn’t thinking about it all. He noted that a better question would be how it felt playing banged up, which he said is all about finding ways to win.

Hurts doesn’t want to make it bigger than it is, and it’s something that every player in the league deals with when things happen. He did dispute that he tries to prevent these types of things when he’s running, like sliding earlier, because that’s not when he gets banged up.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever been banged up as a runner. Everything comes from within the pocket — in which the allusion is, or the narrative is, that you run the ball more, that’s not always the case. Not here.”

On the Eagles’ roster building

Hurts talked about how in the four years he’s been in Philly, he’s seen several different versions of the team due to roster building.

“We have a lot of great pieces obviously, and I think we have a great culture and environment . And I think we have a lot of people that want to be apart of that. I think that starts with leadership, and obviously as a team, how we play together and go out there and battle.”

The QB said that Kevin Byard is a great addition. He played against him last year and he’s heard a ton of stories about him from A.J. Brown. Hurts knows that Byard has a humble spirit and is a dog, and was a leader for the Titans.

“A guy with a good heart, good head on his shoulders, seems like he’ll fit in just fine.”

He later explained that they play in a results-based league, and winning is the only thing that matters. So, when they have guys who come in during the middle of the season, or even before the season, they take pride in joining the Eagles because they respect the things they’ve been able to do.

On playing the Commanders

The QB said that when you take the field against Washington, you know it’s a well-coached team and they have an amazing front seven.

“That d-line group is the best of the best, in terms of that unit.”

The Eagles will need to go out there and execute, eliminate negative plays, and play clean football.

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