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The refs keep flagging Landon Dickerson when he’s not guilty

Eagles center Jason Kelce said they will try and get ahead of future penalties by explaining his two-handed stance on the ‘Brotherly Shove’

Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Multiple times this season Eagles left guard Landon Dickerson has drawn a flag for lining up offsides during a 4th-and-1 ‘Brotherly Shove’ attempt. The only problem is that Dickerson is drawing a penalty for an arm that isn’t his.

Jason Kelce explained on his New Heights Show that he actually puts both arms down when lining up for the QB sneak, so Dickerson wasn’t lined up in the neutral zone, and wasn’t offsides. The LG actually seemed to back up even further this week as he tried to avoid drawing the mistaken penalty.

Guess the referees from Sunday’s game against the Dolphins didn’t tune in to Kelce’s podcast, because they threw a flag for the exact same thing. Fortunately, in Week 7, it was offset by Miami’s defense lining up in the neutral zone, but it still hurt Philly by not giving them the extra yards.

Kelce spoke after the Sunday night game and addressed the penalty, saying it’s something he’s going to try and get ahead of moving forward, and talk to the refs before the game to tell the line judge that he’ll have both of his hands down. Hopefully, if they know what to look for, they can avoid making the same mistake.

The center acknowledged that the refs are just trying to keep things honest, as best they can, for the defense, but it is something they’re going to try and avoid happening in the future.

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