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Dolphins fans and beat reporters are somehow softer than their team

The Eagles dominated the trenches on both sides of the ball in handing Miami a resounding defeat. A lot of people were in their feelings about it.

Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The injury-depleted Philadelphia Eagles defense held the high-octane Miami Dolphins offense in check all night, leading to a huge 31-17 win at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday Night Football. It was a hyped-up game between two 5-1 teams with ascendant, young quarterbacks, dominant wide receivers, and weird (but successful) head coaches.

It should have been a celebration of the best the NFL has to offer, but instead it is being ruined by one of the whiniest fan bases I can ever remember coming across. Even the beat reporters have been filling their diapers since the game ended!

Palm Beach Post writer Joe Schad has been crying so much about the game last night that I had to take a screenshot of his timeline so as not to fill this post with only his tweets. AND HE IS ONE OF THE BEAT WRITERS! He used to work at ESPN! Have some dignity, man. This is shameful stuff from a “journalist.”

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised since he read the tweet below and came to the conclusion that the Eagles were “missing 3 DBs” and not five, like Shane noted.

Crying about injuries during Week 7 of the football season is also an insane thing to do because...every team has injuries! It must suck to write about a team who can’t field decent backups and immediately crumbles once one player goes to the sideline with a rolled ankle. Get a grip, dude.

Of course the sob stories didn’t just come from credentialed members of the media, Miami fans were upset too. Now, you may look at the account below and think that it is actually Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel but, sadly, it is not. It’s just a fan who pays $8/month for a free app so that his terrible takes are boosted to the top of your algorithm.

The penalty discrepancy from the game looks wild until you actually see what penalties were called against Miami. Friend of the blog @Cam_Is_Like broke it down:

  • Six of Miami’s 10 penalties were offsides or false starts
  • One was defensive holding that was accepted despite the fact the Eagles gained five yards (and a first down) on the play
  • The Eagles were called for two penalties, but they were both negated since they were offsetting with the Dolphins
  • So you’re looking at 12 penalties for Miami with only five being “judgement call” offenses against two “judgement call” Philadelphia penalties
  • Is a 5-2 penalty discrepancy enough to go Zapruder Film Mode? If you’re a Dolphins fan the answer is “yes.”

I can’t even begin to fathom the level of cope one would have to be at to declare, after presumably watching the entire Miami/Philadelphia game on Sunday night, “the Miami Dolphins are without a doubt the better team and it’s not even close.” I did not really have any strong feelings one way or the other about the Dolphins or their fans before the game. They are now my sworn enemies and I will be praying on their downfall nightly.

I think BLG said it best on Monday morning.

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