Why the Eagles mess up against Miami

Let's put the Jets loss into perspective. Yes.. losing to the Jets sucks. For a whole host of reasons. We've never lost to them before. They are a bad team. Just moments before the start of the game the 49ers lost to the Browns, thereby opening the door for us to be the only remaining undefeated team. And it makes the entire week painful. I get that. But despite what pundits, fans of opposing teams, and the moronic Eagles fans who don't know this team say, the sky is not falling and everything will be fine.

Never have I seen a 5-1 team get so much disrespect more than the Eagles. The Eagles are still a powerhouse. They cruised past the Pats, Vikings, Bucs, Washington, and Rams. It wasn't always pretty, but besides the last few minutes of the Pats game, and the OT game against Washington, we did not need to sweat out any other game. We've been winning with relative ease, and we haven't even been playing well.

In order for the Jets to win, and I mean BARELY win, they needed everything to go their way. They needed our (arguably) best player Lane Johnson to leave with injury. They had to win the turnover battle 4-0. They needed balls to bounce off our receivers hands and right into their defenders. They needed Jake Elliot, who is nearly perfect, to miss a chip shot. They needed stud AJ Brown to slow down for a second on what would've been a guaranteed 60 yard TD bomb. They needed sure-handed Devanta to drop TWO crucial balls. They needed their own receivers to have the ball pop in the air and have zero eagles defenders near them to pick it off. They needed Zack Wilson to be strip sacked only for the ball to magically bounce right into his stomach as he was falling down. And even with all of these things going their way, they still only eeked out a win.

Now, I'm not trying to knock the Jets. I respect them for turning their season around especially after Rodgers went down. But when they played the Eagles, literally everything had to go their way in order to pull out the win. Despite what every idiot on ESPN says, Jalen Hurts actually played a great game except for the final 2 minutes. AJ Brown is slowly becomming the most dominant receiver in the league. Our defense is improving each week. Reddick is becoming the monster we know him to be. Everything will be fine. Yet if you read anything online, or watch any sports show, you'd think Miami were the 2007 Patriots.

"But Mike" (youre thinking), "the Dolphins are SCARY. They are beating everyone.!" Really? Have you actually looked at who the Dolphins have played? If not, here you go:

1) Chargers (2-4 record)

2)Patriots (1-5 Record)

3) Broncos (1-5 record)

4) got absolutely BLOWN out by the Bills (who just barely eeked by the anemic Giants)

5) anemic Giants (1-5 record)

6) Panthers (0-6 record)

Bruh... come on. It's as if the Dolphins have played the literal worst teams in the league. And the one time they played a kindof decent team (Bills), they got embarrassed.

Now I don't watch the Dolphins that much on TV because like, a) who cares; and b)who cares. But the one time I watched them pretty close was when they played the Giants. Tua threw 2 picks. TWO UGLY picks to arguably the worst team in the league. There's no doubt that the Dolphins have talent on offense. But last I checked, we also have Hurts, AJ, Goedart, Swift, Devonta and the best O-line in football.

Also, last I checked our defensive front 4 are the scariest group of monsters I've ever seen. Tua throws like a lillll bitch. If he gets even the slightest amount of pressure, he's no good. He can't scramble. He can't throw it far. And he is prone to making mistakes.

This game's at home. Hurts has the best work ethic in the league. Statistically speaking there is almost 0 chance we will turn the ball over 4 times again. Give me Philly. All day every day.