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Eagles emphasize accountability after loss to the Jets

There’s no finger pointing happening in the Eagles locker room, players and coaches are holding themselves accountable.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Eagles did not play a clean game against the Jets on Sunday, and as a result, ended up with their first loss of the season. The theme coming out of the locker room afterward was each player, and coach, being accountable for their performance and to improve as a result.

A.J. Brown emphasized that they were all going to hold each other accountable, regardless of a player’s experience or leadership.

Jalen Hurts, for his part, talked about the fourth quarter interception, and admitted he didn’t make the correct read.

“I think I had an opportunity and I didn’t do my job on the play. I don’t think I made the correct read on it. But it happens. It’s an opportunity for us to learn from it and grow.”

The QB was accountable for his actions, just as DeVonta Smith was when he admitted post-game, “Put that on me, I gotta catch the f***ing ball.”

D’Andre Swift also took accountability for his fumble, and repeatedly noted that the team needs to be better.

Jason Kelce, along with Brown, Hurts, and Smith, talked about the team not playing to it’s standard on Sunday, but each of those guys also expressed support and confidence in their teammates.

Head coach Nick Sirianni spoke after the game and admitted that he didn’t say anything to the team after the loss because the leaders took the floor instead. He wanted to keep that discussion private, but noted that guys held themselves and each other accountable.

It’s always refreshing when players step up and own their part in a loss, rather than defer elsewhere. These are all leaders in the locker room. They’re the guys everyone else is looking up to. If they’re willing to taking ownership, and accountability, then that’s the standard set for the rest of the team.

Things didn’t feel right on Sunday against the Jets, but this team is still 5-1 and still has all the pieces they need to get things back on track for a tough Sunday Night Football matchup against the Dolphins — it’s the Kelly Green debut game after all.

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