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Nick Sirianni laments Eagles turnovers against the Jets

The Eagles head coach admitted they won’t win many games with a -4 turnover rate, and emphasized the need for accountability throughout the team.

The Eagles turned the ball over four times in Sunday’s loss to the Jets, and after the game, head coach Nick Sirianni talked about what went wrong, and explained how only one of the three interceptions was on Jalen Hurts.

Sirianni said that he actually didn’t say anything to the team post-game, but rather several players took the floor when they got back to the locker room. Guys stepping up and holding themselves, and each other, accountable is a positive to come out of this situation.

Here’s what else the head coach had to say:

On the 4 turnovers

4th quarter INT

Sirianni said that he needed to go back and watch the tape to see if Hurts was flushed out of the pocket, or what happened in coverage, but he’s guessing the QB will want that one back.

“I thought that was the only turnover that was on him, though. We need that back in that critical time. He’s going to want that back. We want that back. You know, if the play doesn’t work, we look at ourselves as coaches first, and say, ‘Was that the right play?’ That’s part of being accountable.”

He was later asked if there was any thought to run the ball on 3rd-and-9, but the head coach said that they were thinking of going for the first down there which would have essentially ended the game, but the worst thing that could’ve happened on that play, happened.

Other turnovers

  • Sirianni said the ball just kind of bounced a weird way, and the Jets’ defender was in the right place at the right time on the first interception.
  • Another one was a quarterback hit.
  • The head coach has to look at D’Andre Swift’s fumble to see if he didn’t get into the catch tuck right away.

Their emphasis on turnovers

Sirianni was emphatic that you’re not going to win many games with a -4 turnover rate. It’s something they’re going to be upset about because as a team they do harp on ball security.

He noted that the last time they had a -4 turnover rate was last year against a team that also busted their win-streak.

They’re going to go back and watch the tape and see exactly why each turnover happened and then work to eliminate those going forward. He also said that it’s also on the coaches to make sure they’re preparing guys fundamentally to prevent these types of turnovers.

On the final offensive drive

“We were short on third down. I thought that was the best to convert on fourth down. I wanted to at least be able to talk about it and not have to be on the ball on fourth down. So, I used one of our timeouts — obviously, you want to be in the drive as you use one of the time outs —, but when we were short on third down and the clock was running, I thought, I just didn’t want to put us in a stressful spot there.

At the last play... again, we just gotta do a better job of putting guys in positions to succeed and then we gotta execute. It all starts with us as coaches, and again, each one of us having accountability on what went wrong today.”

Other notables

  • Sirianni didn’t have any updates on Lane Johnson, but did say that they have a lot of confidence in Jack Driscoll, who replaced Johnson.
  • The head coach defended staying pass-heavy despite having a lead for most of the game, saying they were never up by enough to just bleed the clock.
  • He did credit the defense for playing well throughout the game, and holding the Jets to field goals.

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