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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams

What They’re Saying About The Eagles: Lols Angeles Rams Edition

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After the NFL bans the brotherly shove because we’re too good at it, they are probably going to ban opposing fans from buying tickets. That will be the only way to stop Eagles fans from travelling as well as they do. #RamsHouse is/was a joke. It feels like we have already had four home games this season, even though we have only played at the Linc twice. Playing the Jets on Sunday means we may be in for yet another road home game as well.

Personally, I had this game marked as our first L when the schedule came out. I thought Kupp was going to have a field day, and that was before Puka turned out to be a threat. Instead, we saw another game of the Eagles just absolutely feasting on time of possession and a defense that held the Rams to 249 total yards (with the lion’s share coming in the first half). I’m always happy to be wrong with my predictions, but damn does this team make it hard to maintain my Negadelphia moniker.

Quick thoughts before we get into the WTS:

  • AJ Brown is a grown man.
  • I still hate all the designed QB runs.
  • Lol Cowboys

Let’s get to it:

What They’re Saying About The Eagles: “Away” Game Edition

GOED DAMN! (7-0)

Rams Respond (7-7)

Jake Elliott > Quez Watkins (10-7)

Full Power Negadelphia (14-10)

Intermediate Chunk

Rams Defense Done Goofed

Ramming it Down Their Throat (17-14)

Not gonna lie, things kind of went off the rails in the chats after this point. Even in our Discord and Game Threads, people just stopped commenting outside of yays and boos. That isn’t going to stop me from showing you some more depraved comments though. Just going to be a little less organized.

Hurts Endzone INT


There we no touchdowns to be had. Victory Screech (23-14)

Jake Elliott Hate? Post

So there you have it ladies and gentleman! Fan bases hate the Brotherly Shove cause their olines and QB’s are too small and weak to pull it off. San Fran and Dallas continue to be classy. And Phoenix hates Jake Elliott.

What a week.

Eagles move on the Jets this weekend hoping to continue our unbeaten streak of both the season and the franchise. Looking forward to making next weeks WTS already! Yous take care of yourselves and as always:


Worst Take of the Week:

This poll is closed

  • 49%
    Hating Jake Elliott
    (175 votes)
  • 15%
    Brotherly Shove being a worse name than Tush Push
    (55 votes)
  • 9%
    Slay is cooked
    (34 votes)
  • 25%
    Quez Watkins being in a game
    (91 votes)
355 votes total Vote Now

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