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Jalen Hurts led the Eagles in rushing against the Rams, but it wasn’t by design

Eagles center Jason Kelce and OC Brian Johnson praised Jalen Hurts’ ability to make things happen, particularly on third down, with his legs.

NFL: OCT 08 Eagles at Rams

The Eagles are 5-0 and there’s still some work to do with the red zone offense, but their win over the Rams felt different than the games leading up to it. Center Jason Kelce agreed, and acknowledged on this week’s New Heights Show that the Eagles Week 5 offense was the most complete performance they’ve had to date.

“This one felt the best so far that we’ve put together, in my opinion. Rushing-wise, it wasn’t as dominant as we’ve had, but the entire offense, the structure of it, it all felt like the rhythm was there.”

Quarterback Jalen Hurts led the team in rushing against the Rams, but Kelce explained that the 72 yards on 15 carries (and one TD) wasn’t necessarily drawn up, and was more a result of the QB playing at a high level.

“It wasn’t all on called runs. He was making stuff — on third downs, he was out of his mind in the game. He was playing unreal. Not only was he throwing the ball, making good quick decisions, but when things weren’t there, he just made things happen with his feet. Kept a lot of drives together on third down because of the dynamic player that he is.”

Eagles’ offensive coordinator Brian Johnson was asked whether they planned for Hurts to have a bigger run game on Sunday, or if that was something that happened organically. He echoed Kelce’s praise for the QB and his feel for the game as it progresses.

“Jalen always has a great feel for being able to extend plays and make plays with his legs and use everything he has at his disposal to be the best player that he can possibly be. Fortunately for us we were able to convert a couple 3rd downs and make some plays with his legs that everyone is accustomed to seeing him do.”

Everyone from head coach Nick Sirianni, to Jason Kelce, to Jalen Hurts have talked about the offense’s struggle to get into the end zone. Fortunately, they have Jake Elliott who has been a huge reason the team is still undefeated heading into Week 6, but that’s not really sustainable long term. Frustration over their inefficiency in that part of the game has started to boil over, but, at least, it’s one of the last pieces of the puzzle they need to get sorted out.

With the Eagles offense seemingly firing on all cylinders, they are once again at the top of the league, in large part to Jalen Hurts leading the way — in the passing game, and on the ground.

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