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Jason Kelce admits frustration with Eagles’ red zone struggles led to his sideline blow up

NFL: OCT 08 Eagles at Rams

There have been a few times this season that the TV cameras have caught some tense moments on the Eagles sideline, including on Sunday against the Rams when Jason Kelce was seen yelling at Nick Sirianni and Jeff Stoutland.

Kelce addressed it on this week’s New Heights Show, explaining that despite the high level the Eagles offense is playing at right now, the red zone offense has been frustrating.

He saw a stat last week that kicker Jake Elliott had scored more points that the Giants through Week 4, and while that’s great for Elliott, Kelce pointed out that having to kick that much isn’t a good thing.

“We’re lucky we have Jake Elliott. We wouldn’t be 5-0 without Jake Elliott. We gotta get the red zone fixed, and a number of things happened in the red zone this past week — communication issues, we had a delay of game, multiple things build up and you start getting frustrated. It all builds up.”

Kelce explained that when he lets thing build up, he explodes, but the center admitted that it’s not the productive way to do things and he needs to be better about it.

“It’s not good, and it’s not productive, and it’s not respectful.”

He went on to say that he loves every teammate, coach, and person with the organization like they’re family, which is probably why these things happen sometimes, because they are so close — something Nick Sirianni talked about, as well. But, Kelce doubled down that it wasn’t helpful, especially when he’s not offering up any solutions, just using the moment to vent his frustrations.

“We want to be really good. And, I know that we’re 5-0, but we could very easily not be 5-0, and the one glaring thing we need to get fixed is the red zone, and it’s starting to become a major frustration for me, but I gotta handle it better than this.”

Sirianni has been honest that football is an emotional game, and things like that are going to happen. It’s because of their connection that they can have those moments, and hopefully grow from them.

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