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Jalen Hurts says a win like the Eagles had on Sunday does so much for the spirit of a team

The Eagles QB said he’s proud of how the team fought and stayed together to overcome and get the victory against the Commanders on Sunday.

The Eagles will stay atop the NFC East with their Week 4 win over the Commanders, and quarterback Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters following the game about how satisfying that overtime win was.

“I think tension and pressure build character. We needed a game like this for us. Jokingly, I guess we wanted to play a little bit longer tonight.

I think a win like this does so much for the spirit of a team because winning is not easy. Winning is hard. It’s hard in this league and it’s very hard in this division. In multiple ways, it lights a fire for us to continue to do what we want to do. I come up here and I tell you guys [media] how important keeping the main thing the main thing is. The main thing is to continue to grow and get better every day.

There are a ton of things to clean up in every phase and every guy could have done something better out there today, but when you find ways to win in those moments and you persevere and you stick together, that makes a team come together. That makes us stronger together and that builds up [moral] and a special togetherness.

I’m proud of how we fought, I’m proud of how we overcame, and I’m proud of how we were resilient. I’m excited to continue to build and grow as we’ve done this whole entire time so far.”

Hurts was asked about his performance, and the QB admitted he’s still growing every time he steps on the field. He did a better job protecting the ball on Sunday, but needs to finish in the red zone — if they had done that, Hurts said it would’ve been a totally different game. But, all of these experiences are building a foundation for the rest of the season.

He went on to talk about how he works so hard, and prepares so much, that he feels comfortable in big moments. Hurts said that they have a ton to build on, and they just need to continue to grow.

“Jake [Elliott], he showed up big time. I hate sending him on the field, but he showed up and made the game-winning field goal for the team. Those moments like that, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a game where a guy has kicked the game-winner, and I’ve had to witness that in my career. These are all new emotions on different levels, but winning is the main thing.”

The quarterback later talked about trusting his teammates to make plays late in games, and he reiterated how a win like they had on Sunday can shift the spirit of a team. Hurts said they can never get comfortable winning, and if anything, it just lights a fire because winning is the main thing. He doesn’t care if they have 300 passing yards, 300 rushing yards, which offensive target is having the best day, as long as they’re winning.

He also echoed head coach Nick Sirianni about how they’ve been able to win different ways, and how that’s a good thing.

“I think it is reassuring for us. I think more so, man, when you feel those moments, they build so much character for you. Just hammering in on that, it builds so much character, and I think that can mold the character of this team to trend forward and continue to grow and I think we all have the mentality of looking at it and growing.

You know, no one is satisfied, no one is satisfied, no one is ever satisfied. I’m never satisfied, but winning is the only thing that matters and we’ll enjoy those wins because we earned them and we know what winning can do, you know, if you take it in the right way, so we just want to keep that hunger, keep the eagerness to get better, just keep growing, and just keep chipping by the bit, and we find ways to win. That’s going to look a thousand different ways.”

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