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Officials in Eagles vs. Commanders game are having a day

It looks like the Birds are going to have to overcome Washington AND the zebras.

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
Eagles fans are looking at the refs like this today.
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Listen, there are always a dozen reasons why a team lost a game before you’d get to “the officials,” but sometimes the refs really make it difficult to overlook their effect on the proceedings every Sunday.

Early in the second quarter the Birds faced a 4th-and-1 at their own 49-yard line. Unless you’ve been in a coma the entire season you probably had a pretty good guess about what was coming next. Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was going to line up under center and, because the Eagles players are stronger than Washington’s players, he was going to sneak for the one yard.

Well, he did...but the refs called “offensive offside” on Landon Dickerson, which pushed Philly back five yards and forced them to punt the ball away.

Upon further review it is fairly obvious that Washington’s nose tackle was lined up in the neutral zone and, I’m 99% sure, was touching the football before it was snapped. A pretty unfortunate turn of events for the Eagles.

The refs have also missed a pretty blatant facemask call on Hurts as well as a helmet-to-helmet hit on DeVonta Smith in the first quarter and then James Bradberry was called for pass interference on a ball that wouldn’t have been caught even if King Kong was the intended wide receiver.

Again...the Eagles need to be playing much better than they are right now to win this game, but they are getting negative help from the zebras.

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