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Eagles 2023 opponents

A look at the teams that Philadelphia will play next season.

Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

After some delay, the Philadelphia Eagles finally clinched the NFC East crown. As a result, we now know all of their 2023 regular season opponents. Based on the league’s formulaic schedule structure, here’s an overview of the teams they’ll play.



Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

San Francisco 49ers

Minnesota Vikings

Arizona Cardinals

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Washington Commanders


New England Patriots

New York Jets

Seattle Seahawks

Los Angeles Rams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kansas City Chiefs

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Washington Commanders

The specific dates and times won’t be revealed until the NFL officially reveals the entire 2023 schedule in April or May.

As previously mentioned, the Eagles’ schedule is determined by a formula. Here’s an overview on how that works.

They play the three NFC East teams twice per season, so that makes up six games.

They also play one NFC and one AFC division, which rotates each year. In 2023, that’s the NFC West and the AFC East, so that’s eight more games.

The Eagles then play the two teams that finished in the same place as Philadelphia from each of the other two NFC divisions. That would be the Vikings in the NFC North and the 49ers in the NFC West.

With the addition of the 17th game, the the Eagles will play the same place finisher in a rotational AFC division. That would be the Chiefs from the AFC West this year.

The NFL is typically a year-to-year league; there’s so much that can change from now until next season. With that said, here are some early thoughts about the Eagles’ 2023 opponents.

  • On paper, it’s a fairly tough schedule. Bills, Chiefs, 49ers ... all very legitimate Super Bowl contenders this season. Some good battles on deck with Jalen Hurts tasked to outduel Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.
  • Andy Reid is set to play his third game in Philly since joining KC. The Eagles have yet to beat their former head coach.
  • It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of San Fran’s quarterback situation. Do they go back to Trey Lance? Does Jimmy G return? Is Brock Purdy good enough to be The Guy?
  • Two battles between former Alabama quarterbacks? Tua vs. Hurts is the juicier matchup. But we might also see Mac Jones vs. Hurts.
  • The Vikings are so primed to be next year’s ‘major step back’ team after winning all these one score games this year. Could be another Minnesota ass-kicking in Philly.
  • What are the Cardinals going to look like? Kliff Kingsbury is gone, right? Is Kyler Murray there?
  • The Jets, who are 0-12 all-time against the Eagles, have a good roster but need to find an answer at quarterback. We’ll see if they add anyone in the offseason.
  • The Rams could be without Sean McVay and the Bucs could be without Tom Brady.

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