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Don’t worry everyone, Doc Rivers has guaranteed an Eagles Super Bowl berth

I suppose it’s better than him predicting a first round exit, but given his track record...not much better.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Toronto Raptors John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are in the midst of their first losing streak of the season, having fallen to the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints in back-to-back weeks, but not everyone in the Delaware Valley is worried.

While admitting he has “limited football knowledge,” Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers guaranteed that the Birds will be in the Super Bowl this season at his press conference on Jan. 2.

“Relax! You two relax! They’re going to be in the Super Bowl, it’s a guarantee. It’s a guarantee,” Rivers chuckled at the beginning of his media availability on Monday. “They’re fine, they really are,” Rivers went on to say.

I don’t know if Rivers has some inside information about the return of Jalen Hurts, or has a crystal ball at home, or if he’s involved in some sort of Looper scenario where he escaped being killed by his younger self and is now able to tell the future since he has already lived it, but whatever it is, I don’t feel particularly confident in Rivers’ prognostication abilities.

If Doc couldn’t figure out that Deandre Jordan wasn’t going to be playable in the Playoffs last year, I don’t know how he’d have any idea which team is going to win the NFC. Anyway, the Eagles play the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon and will clinch a division title and a first round bye with a win. Let’s start there before we go all crazy with the Super Bowl predictions, huh?

[BLG Note: I feel significantly worse about the Eagles’ chances of winning the Super Bowl after Doc said this.]

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