Mock. Say good bye and best of luck to Miles Sanders & Issac Seumalo. Cap space.

Our FA....Must Keep. DT Hargraves. Another 3 year deal. Again Sanders and Seumalo walk saving about $ 14m

Bradberry and Slay our starting CB's. Bradberry will find his payday with another team.

C. Gardner re-signed on a 4 year deal.

I wanted to walk out of this mock with Lanes replacement, but the value was not there.

Trades: Houston gets #10. For 12 and 73.----- Seattle gets 31 for 37 and 83.------New England. 73 for 116 and 134.

12. Cam Smith CB 6'1" 188 Natural instincts to be a difference maker. Starter day one with a good camp.

37. Lukas Van Ness 6'5" 275 A stout Edge that can get after the QB. In the rotation day one.

63. Andrew Vorhees OG 6'5" 320 Plug and play at ROG.

83. Dorian Thompson Robinson QB 6'1" 210 Will be groomed as Hurts backup.

116. Mike Morris DL 6'6" 294 Edge or inside. With Hargraves and Davis at DT. In the rotation

134. Mohamed Ibrahim RB 5'10" 211 1665 yds, 20 TD's 153 yds average per game 3 year starter. Plug and play with Scott and Gainwell.

4 rounds.