Hey Guess What? The Giants Proved to be Exactly who we thought they were

A few days ago I wrote on BGN that if you were actually worried about the Giants, well then you are just stupid. I have a pretty big following on BGN... i think about 3 or 4 people read the stuff I write. But I don't like to brag...

What I will say though is, cmon guys.. My multitude of 2 readers each commented that we should not take this Giants team lightly. Really? A giants team that was down 21-0 the first time we played them 19-0 the second time, and 28-0 the third time? This Giants team iS BAD.

But what makes this soooo glorious is that giants fans, Phill Simms, and their coaches (and that is literally it) believe so much in Daniell Jones and Barkley that they will find a way to sign them both this offseason. No one outside the organization actually believes Jones is any good. In fact, most analysts are done even discussing him. My favorite show is "Pardon the Interruption"-I think Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser are incredibly bright and have great chemistry. And when they discuss the NYG and their future, they always say, so flippantly, how the Giants need to find a QB. It isn't even a topic for debate.

As I stated earlier, Saquon is good... sure. But he's a RB. They rarely win you games and can disappear for months at a time. I think Barkley had like 70 yards last night, 38 came on one run. If you're the NYG front office, do you really want to waste your money on that for next season? I can make a legitimate argument that all three Eagles RBs are better than Barkley. Perhaps not from a pure talent perspective, but from an overall seeing the field and taking what's given to them, give me Sanders, Gainwell, or even Scott any day over Barkley. Heck I'd even say that Austin Eckler is a better talent than Barkely.

Don't let Giants fans fool you when they say things like "wowww we did so much better than we thought! Next year is going to be great! We have the coach and the QB in place." Or my personal favorite, "if you put Daniel Jones behind the Eagles offensive line, he'd play better than Hurts." HAHAHA. No mater how giants fans want to spin this, the fact that they got absolutely demoralized in the second round of the playoffs to a hated division rival is just plain embarrassing. In just one game, people have already started to doubt Jones (as they should!). Giants still talk about Dabolll potentially being coach of the year... I think my 16 year old brother who coaches a little league team is far more deserving.

And when the Giants say that they are just a "couple pieces away" of being legit.. what are they talking about? Let's assume (and its a BIG assumption) that they are set at QB and RB... this team still has glaring holes at all 3 WR positions, TE, ILB, offensive line, punter, DE, and most likely OC if/when Kafka moves on.

I'm going to say it now, with the utmost confidence... the Giants set themselves back years by having this lucky 2022 season. They are going to sign Daniel Jones to a deal. They are going to franchise barkley. They pick like 25 in the draft. And Daboll is just going to get fatter from stress eating. This 2022 season for the Giants was just as much of a fluke as the 2016 NYG team. And boy oh boy its going to be fantastic to watch them crash and burn next season.