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Nick Sirianni knows what the f*** he is doing

After going up four touchdowns, the Birds head coach had some choice words for the officials.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Late in the first half, the Philadelphia Eagles scored their fourth touchdown of the game, a five-yard scamper by quarterback Jalen Hurts, to go up 27-0 on the New York Giants. The Birds lined up to go for two, presumably to try and get the Giants to jump offsides so that it would be a one-yard sneak for Hurts, who squats 600 pounds btw, but New York doesn’t bite.

Head coach Nick Sirianni called timeout and then as he’s walking back up the sideline he had some choice words for the official on the sideline, who must’ve told him not to be down by the goal line.

He knows what the f**k he’s doing, folks, and he’s ALLOWED to be down there! Between that reaction, making sure noted Giants killer Boston Scott got a touchdown, and him nodding at the camera at the end of the first quarter, Sirianni is officially On One this Saturday night.

It is always nice when the head coach of your favorite team acts like your buddy Trevor catches a touchdown in the lots after his fifth Miller Lite. Go Birds, baby.

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