Here we go again.

What's up BGN. First time poster here.

Never really thought I'd make a fanpost but I've been watching my usual talk shows and reading through some comments this week and the disrespect has just gone too far. Seriously.

I see so many people talking about how Daniel Jones has solidified himself as an elite QB and the Giants are peaking at the right time to make a deep run and maybe win it all. Talking heads are picking the Giants left and right. I mean Jalen's health is a valid concern and personally, I think we are in big trouble if his shoulder isn't 100%. We'll find that out pretty quickly during the game because Nick isn't gonna give anything away with practice or the injury report. But when I hear Bart Scott say that he thinks DJ is a better player than Jalen it's too much.

I like how everyone forgets about the 17-game season that just happened where we went 14-1 with Hurts, finishing with the best record in the ENTIRE NFL. We could also talk about Week 14 where we blew the Giants out when we were both healthy, or when we were up 19-0 with a hobbled Jalen who ran ZERO times on a game plan that was 1% of what we normally execute. I mean shouldn't this be the expert's job to realize how we played that last game?

The Giants were 9-7 over the entire season. Are we going to take DJ's best two games of the season and say this is who he is night in and night out? That's just crazy to me. No disrespect, they are a good friggin' team and DJ could be a franchise QB (just my opinion). It's gonna take a good game to take them down. If Jalen's hurt we can definitely lose this game. If we play like trash we can obviously lose this game. But here we are once again. First seed and disrespected.

But honestly, I'll take all the disrespect and I think we all want it too. Just makes this feel so much more like 2017. I've been rewatching all the hype videos from that year which is getting me too amped (and gave me the motivation to make a post). I just thought I'd share one of my favorites. It's that time of the year boys.

They forgot, but let's remind them who we are birds. CMON BOYS. PHILLY PHILLY.