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Commanders reveal new mascot: Major Tuddy. Seriously.

Could Washington be any more embarrassing?

Halfway through the Commanders Week 17 game — that saw Carson Wentz back as the starter, only for him to throw three interceptions for a 24-10 loss to the Browns — the team revealed their new mascot: Major Tuddy.


It’s just the latest head-scratching decision by a franchise that seems to make one every single day. But this one is certainly extra.

Maybe they thought it would be a good distraction from the fact that the team has seemingly no direction, especially after head coach Ron Rivera named Wentz the starter again over Heinicke — a move that has some calling for his job. Maybe they thought it would help attract fans or new ownership. Or maybe, just maybe, they didn’t think it through at all, just like so many of their other failed PR stunts this season.

Sure, the Eagles lost to the Commanders once this season, but at least Swoop isn’t going to end up the laughing stock of the NFL.

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