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Eagles might be visiting Germany in 2023

There’s a chance the Birds will be playing a game in Deutschland this year.

SPD party chairman Klingbeil visits Wilhelmshaven Photo by Sina Schuldt/picture alliance via Getty Images

With the NFL officially designating five teams for their 2023 International Games, we now know there’s a chance the Philadelphia Eagles will be headed overseas next season.

Fear not; the Eagles will NOT be losing a home game. The five host teams are as follows:

Rather, the possibility of playing abroad comes from being the “away” team. The Eagles are set to play both the Chiefs and Patriots in 2023.

By default, the Eagles are one of nine home game possibilities for both the Chiefs and Patriots. But both of those teams are set to host the Bills in 2023 and it’s not like the league is going to make Buffalo play in both Germany and London. So, it’s really the Eagles as one of eight home game possibilities for each team.

The NFL’s first regular season game in Germany took place earlier this season when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Seattle Seahawks. Perhaps the Eagles will be involved in the second or third matchup.

The league typically doesn’t announce the upcoming NFL schedule until late April or earlyish May. But the dates and times for International Games tend to leak out beforehand. Something to be on the lookout for this offseason.

The Eagles last played overseas when they beat the Jaguars in London during the 2018 season. They might not mind playing in Germany since it would turn one of their road games into a neutral field battle.

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