If You're Actually Concerned About the Giants then... well... you're an idiot

What is going on with the NY Giants hype? Analysts, their fans, and so many other media outlets think that they are going to beat Philadelphia on Saturday. And yes I know that "Any given Sunday" is a thing and anything can happen, however, it would still take a miracle for the giants to win.

Congrats to the Giants for beating the most overhyped team to make the playoffs, the Minnesota vikings. A vikings team with an absolutely dreadful defense.. a Minnesota team that had gone 10-0 in one score games all season and had a negative point differential throughout the season. Who cares? Beating the Vikings does not make you good. Beating the vikings is just a right of passage that every team gets to do at some point in the playoffs. The Vikings suck. And they especially suck balls in the playoffs.

This is a Giants team that, only one month ago, got absolutely steam rolled by the Eagles 48-22, at home, and it wasn’t even as close as the score indicated. The game was over in the 1st quarter. Then the Giants went on to beat Washington thanks to awful officiating and a blatant missed PI call, then a loss to the aforementioned overhyped vikings, then they beat up on a Colts team that had already given up on the season, and then another loss to Philly. "Ohhh but the Giants were playing their backups and they kept it close against Philly." Well first of all, who even are their backups? Their starters and backups make virtually no difference as this is a team devoid of talent. And did the giants really "keep it close" as so many like to point out? At halftime it was 16-0 Philly. The Giants scored a meaningless TD with seconds left in the game to make it a one score game, as they always seem to do in order to inflate their numbers and their ego, but this game was never in doubt. Coupled with the fact that Jalen Hurts was playing with a dead throwing shoulder and Philadelphia was running its preseason vanilla offense the whole game. And still, the Giants never stood a chance. "Backups" or not, those were still professional football players.

Lets be real… the Giants eked into the playoffs because they started out as the luckiest 7-2 team I’ve ever had to sit through and watch. During that 7-2 run, they got to experience 4th quarter collapses by the Titans, Ravens, and Jaguars. They also beat a putrid Panthers team by 3. They overcame a 2 score hole against the Packers somehow. That 7-2 start could’ve just as easily bean 2-7. Then as soon as they started to play teams that decided to not shit the bed, they began to lose in glorious fashion. They were pummeled by the Seahawks despite being gifted 7 points, they got absolutely exposed by the Lions at home, they tied the crappy WFT, and they were blown out by the Eagles and Dallas.

This is a Giants team that goes through one player and one player alone… Saquon Barkley. And unfortunately for the Giants, running backs are not important enough to win you games. The only reason Daniel Jones is ever able to scramble is because the other team is so laser focused on Barkley. Pundits like to point out that Jones doesn’t turn the ball over. And while this is true, there is a rational explanation for this…. JONES DOES NOT THROW THE BALL MORE THAN 4 YARDS PASSED THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE. It’s very easy to limit yourself to 5 interceptions all season when a majority of your passes are going to RBs and tight end screens.

The Giants "formula" (if you can even call it that) all season is to keep games close, milk the clock with Barkle and Jones runs, pray for the other team to turn the ball over once or twice, and win by 3. They are a low scoring team that rarely put up more than 20 points. The Eagles are an explosive team, putting up at least 30 points on the regular. Jalen Hurts is lightyears better than Daniel Jones. The Eagles have arguably the best 1-2 receivers in the league. The defense can sack you at will. And Sirianni is a badass coach who is way ahead that fat boy Daboll in every sense of the word.

Sorry NY Giants. You had a nice season that exceeded expectations, but in reality, probably doomed your franchise for years to come because you now think you have a QB and a team to build around. But just like all shitty Disney movies, it must come to an end. And that’ll be Saturday. But hey, at least every giants fan will say the exact same thing after they lose… "we exceeded expectations boys. Next year is our year. Lfgoooooo." K… sure it is… sure it is.