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Jalen Hurts says his shoulder is “feeling good” ahead of Eagles vs. Giants

The Eagles QB talked about preparing for New York, the postseason, and why he thinks OC Shane Steichen is an asset.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters on Tuesday ahead of practice, and gave (brief) updates on his shoulder, and talked quite a bit about preparing for the Giants and a postseason run. He emphasized several times that the process doesn’t change, and they are doubling down on the things they know and not letting the moment get too big.

Hurts and head coach Nick Sirianni were both wearing “It’s a Philly thing” hoodies on Tuesday, and the QB was asked about the catchphrase he’s used before.

“I think it’s a swagger, it’s kind of in an air of it’s own. You know, when you talk about the passion in this city, the support in this city, the love for the Philadelphia Eagles in this city, it’s truly a Philly thing. Not many other people, not anybody else who understand that. It’s a special city, it’s a special time, and we’re taking it day-by-day. Obviously, we know we have the support of our city through everything, and let’s show up on Saturday.”

Here’s what else the quarterback had to say:

On his shoulder injury

“Feeling good.”

Hurts was later asked if he had a sense of how much the week of rest has helped his shoulder, but he curtly responded, “I don’t.”

The QB also noted that he isn’t worried about a defense targeting his shoulder, saying that it’s football and he has a bounty out on him every time he takes the field. Related, he was asked if he’ll have to make some calculated decisions with regards to taking hits, like he did in Week 18, or if he’ll be playing normally out there.

“I don’t know. I don’t know, I think it depends on how it goes.”

On preparing for the Giants and the postseason

“I think any time that you put something on tape, there’s something that you can learn about somebody. We know we’re playing a really good team. They have a really good defense and do a lot of really good things — that’s on both sides of the ball. So, you know, we have to come prepared, put in a great week of preparation to go out there and play well Saturday.”

Hurts later said that they’ve shown some changes since they first faced them earlier in the regular season, but regardless of what they’ve done, they’ve done it well — whether that’s man coverage or zone coverage. The QB explained that at this point in the season it’s all all comes down to execution and the Eagles doing their jobs better than the Giants.

“They have really good players in the interior, on the edge, on the perimeter. Obviously, playing with [Xavier] McKinney in my past. A really good defense, a really good opponent we’re about to play again.”

As for this being a playoff game, and must-win to continue, Hurts explained that regardless of the magnitude of the game, especially from the outside, they know that the work and preparation they put in all season is what got them there and will continue to lean on what they know.

“The process remains the same through everything, but the standard rises.”

On Shane Steichen as a playcaller

“I think as a leader, I think he brings a special type passion. He says things and he speaks with conviction. He really means it, you can tell he cares, and I think he’s always trying to put us in the best position to succeed. I think it’s unique how different coaches, different players, see the game differently, yet, all are trying to get the same results. So, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been around so many great minds, and to be able to take that away, and personally, kind of grow from that. I think he’s been a big asset for us this year.”

Hurts later admitted that having the continuity of Steichen and Nick Sirianni two seasons in a row has helped “tremendously.” He explained that building that rapport with the coaches and meeting with them and talking with them has allowed him the opportunity to earn the right to be more vocal and involved, which has contributed to their efficiency and success.

On Lane Johnson playing

“I don’t know the depth of the whole entire situation, but I know he’s a true warrior, and I know he’s eager to be out there with us, and that’ll be a decision that he has to make.”

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