Need Suggestions

I am a Philly ex-patriot. I was born in Philly in 1947 but lived elsewhere since 1972. They say you can take the boy out of Philadelphia, but you can’t take Philadelphia out of the boy and that is absolutely true. From the early 70’s when I was sitting in my car in Danville IL, outside, because I could surprisingly bring in By Samm and Richie Ashburn on the car radio, (I couldn’t get it in the house), to today where I spend Sunday afternoons in front of my computer desk top in Brentwood TN listening to Merrill and Mike, it has always been the same. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep connected with Philly sports.

Someone like me should clearly have some superstitions or lucky rituals, but I don’t. In Jan and Feb of 2018, I really didn’t do anything special or weird to help the Eagles. We won anyway, but I can’t help but think if I did have a ritual, the Phils might be world champs today. From now on, things are going to be different.

It is my intention that whenever any Philly team is in the postseason, I will have something for dinner on game day that personifies Philly. In the Nashville area, a Jersey Mike’s #13 (hold the vinegar) is the closest thing you can find to a real Philadelphia Italian Hoagie and that is my choice for the conference championship. Super Bowl day will undoubtedly be homemade cheese steaks. Naturally Tasty Kakes for dessert at any time.

That still leaves next week, and I need help with my menu. So far, I’ve come up with: 1- Soft Pretzels and beer, maybe Yuengling since Schmidt’s is no more, 2- Cold Shrimp with Old Original Bookbinders cocktail sauce, or 3- Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks (if you don’t get Mrs. Paul’s, look up the history of the company). Any suggestions for a more appetizing "Philly dinner" would be more than appreciated.