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Holding call on Landon Dickerson pancake wipes out Eagles touchdown

Philadelphia’s offense has struggled to get going against New Orleans, and the refs are NOT helping.

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

After one of the worst halves the Philadelphia Eagles have played in recent memory, the Birds’ offense needed to come out in the third quarter against the Saints and show a little life. Well, that’s exactly what happened as Gardner Minshew and Miles Sanders quickly marched down the field to the New Orleans 28-yard line.

On third and four, the Eagles called a run for Kenny Gainwell and he burst through the right side of the offensive line, behind an excellent pancake block from Landon Dickerson, for a touchdown! The Birds were on the board and right back in the game!

But wait...there was some laundry on the field. What could they have called, we all wondered. That looked like a really well executed run play, everyone with an operating frontal lobe said. The referees saw something that no one else did, apparently, and called a hold on Dickerson.

Watch these and decide for yourself.

The refs may have meant to call holding on Jordan Mailata (No. 68) instead of Dickerson (No. 68) and confused their jersey numbers. That’s the only logical explanation here. But the official game log shows the penalty is on Dickerson.

The Eagles ended up settling for a field goal, a beautiful 56-yard boot from Jake Elliott, but had four points taken off the board by the refs in what is looking like a close game where every score will matter. The Saints lead 13-3 in the third quarter.

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