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Jalen Hurts: ‘Expectations are just something you haven’t done yet’

The quarterback isn’t listening to the hype surrounding the Eagles heading into the season, and is solely focused on getting better every day.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has a reputation for not getting too high or too low, and that is something that has stayed consistent throughout his career thus far. The QB spoke to reporters on Wednesday, days ahead of the 2022 regular season opener, and explained that he’s keeping things the same as always and is just focused on doing his job and being the leader he needs to be for the team.

“I think when you go into a situation like this, first game, it’s about doing what you need to do at a high level. I think all the coaches are preaching that. They try and make it about doing the jobs at a high level, executing, being technically sound, being disciplined.”

Last year’s Lions game was a turning point for Philly’s offense, but Hurts noted that they’re a different team this year and they have an opportunity to recreate the identity of what the Eagles want to be with this team.

Hurts emphasized several times that he truly believes in taking things day-by-day and not getting ahead of themselves. Every day, every practice, is an opportunity to get better and improve, and the most important thing is to focus on the day. When the high expectations circulating for this team was brought up, the QB admitted that it’s something he’s used to — coming from college programs like Alabama and Oklahoma — but not everyone may be used to blocking out that noise.

“Expectations are just something you haven’t done yet. So, we just have to attack every day. You know, none of that matters but us, not anything that anybody says, writes, or whatever’s out there. It’s about us. And, to take steps as a football team, we just gotta go to work every day. We don’t want to make it harder than what it is — just go to work everyday, try to be the best team we can be, and just grow.”

Hurts acknowledged that mentality is something he shares with the young guys, the coaches, everybody. Nothing else matters — only what they do out on the field, and “more importantly” it’s about the work they put in.

On getting Jason Kelce back in practice

“A true vet, a future Hall of Famer, he’s like a coach on the field. It’s always good to have his presence, feel his presence around, leading, directing stuff up front, and just talking through stuff. So, he’s always been around, putting his input in, but to have him back, it’s exciting.”

On RB Trey Sermon

“Trey is an awesome, all-around back. He’s a guy who puts his head down and goes to work. My time with him at Oklahoma, he always had the right attitude, was always a team player, and I’m excited to have another friend on board.”

On Miles Sanders missing weeks of practice

“Miles won’t skip a beat. Miles has always been engaged in the meetings — highly engaged into the meetings —, doing what he needs to do to be ready to play. So, he won’t skip a beat when he’s ready.”

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