Instant reactions to a bruising defensive performance

I have to admit, I never saw this coming.

The WFT has a decent offensive line. And they have receivers who can win at the LOS. But there was a point in yesterday's game where the Eagles had more than 300 passing yards and the WFT had negative yards (sacks count against passing yards.) And I never saw that coming.

I will have to wait for the all 22, but my guess is that the Eagles gameplan was finally one that made perfect sense to me - force Wentz to go to his second read, and by that time the pass rush will get home. And that appears to be what happened.

Over and over again, Wentz initially had a clean pocket and looked like he wanted to let a pass go, but then pulled it down and stepped into the arms of a defensive player.

This wasn't the case of one player feasting on a backup. The WFT had their starting tackles and guards. They were on a deep backup at center, but center is the easiest position on the line to help out. This was a case of the back end of the defense working together with the front four to baffle a qb and force him into mistakes.

After the Lions game, I was concerned about the defense. But after the last two games, I am wondering if we have a top-of-the-line unit out there. If the-all 22 shows that Carson had nowhere to go with the ball, I will be pretty excited. That's because the WFT has a really good group of receivers. They are fast and can beat you at all three levels. And to me, it looked like Carson never felt comfortable throwing the ball anywhere.

On offense, I have to take a bow. I said the WFT would force the Eagles to beat them deep, and that's exactly what happened. Five of his attempts were bombs of 30+ yards, and he completed three of them. That's almost 100 yards of offense on three plays, which is how you break the back of an opponent. He also had two deep shots to Quez Watkins that drew PI penalties.

So in the first three weeks of the season, he has faced three different defenses, and none of them have slowed him down.

The lack of second half points is somewhat bothersome, but hopefully that is due to the Eagles playing with big leads and getting way more conservative. I think with a big lead, you are better off keeping the clock moving and avoiding turnovers than you are trying to put up more points.

I also find it funny that last year the biggest criticism of Hurts is that he out up a lot of garbage time stats, and now the biggest criticism is that he isn't putting up garbage time stats.

This season has been somewhat strange. The Colts beating the Chiefs, the Packers losing to the Vikings and then beating the Bucs, the Bills losing to the Dolphins, whatever that Broncos-49ers game was, it almost feels like there isn't a really good team in the league right now, and that if we keep chugging along, we should be favored in every game we play. And I also don't feel like I can point to any game and think, "there's a team we have to beat if we want to be contenders."

It's a good feeling to have on a Monday. Hopefully it is one that I will have for 14 or so more Mondays the rest of the year.