Predictions we know will come true

I'll always respeect Wentz for propelling our 2017 season and putting us in a great position to ultimately win the super bowl.

That said though, man oh man it is so much nicer getting to root for Hurts instead of Wentz. Hurts has shown maturity and growth in his decision making and play making abilities. Compared to Wentz, who not only continues to make frustrating decisions, but he has actually regressed in so many areas. Oof. Thank you Wentz for 2017.. i'll buy you a beer any time. But you are not missed, bruh. Enjoy your sorry ass team.

Hurts is a stud. Rivera will be fired at the end of the season. Heinecke will start at least 3 games this year, whether due to injury to Wentz or Rivera making a desperation move. Commanders will finish tied for last in NFC East with the Giants. I'm thinking 5-12 records for the both of those clown teams.

Giants will continue to have their way with Washington, but no one else. Giants and their fans will have ingested just enough Gooball goo Kool-Aid that they franchise tag Jones for another season, but they also draft a QB in round 1 of the draft. Barkley will be on a different team in 2023. Sterling Sheppard will retire because he tears his achilles for the umpteenth time by week 10.

Wentz is not a starter next year. Dan Snyder will somehow be forced sell the team this year.

Eagles cruise their way to a superbowl victory. Unlike 2017, where we all had panic attacks during the entirety of the playoffs, the 2022 Eagles team will coast, until they face the Bills in the Superbowl.

DGAF about the cowboys. Nothing to say about them. Zeke looks like the type of dude who creeps on girls who are seniors in high school.

Devonta and Brown are the best WR duo this Eagles team has had in my 33 years of life. Maaclin and Desean are second, but it isn't even close.

Heard it here first.