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Rude returns usually await ex-Eagles QBs

Welcome back, loser

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Hunter Martin/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images

Carson Wentz will play the Eagles for the first time on Sunday. You may have heard about it.

“Revenge” games against the Eagles are usually served ice cold

If history is any indication, Sunday will not go well for Carson Wentz. Returning QBs have not played well against the Eagles. It helps the Eagles that they’ve been a pretty good team throughout the years, players don’t tend to play well against good teams.

Here is how former Eagles QBs have fared when facing the Eagles for the first time, and in some cases the second time, after playing for the Eagles.

Donovan McNabb was victorious as Washington beat the Eagles 17-12 in 2010 in Philadelphia. But he played terribly, going 8-19 for 125 yards and a TD and INT. It was his worst passer rating of that season. Later in the year at home against the Eagles he threw three interceptions in the 59-28 beat down the Eagles gave Washington on Monday Night Football.

Sam Bradford lost 21-10 in Philly less than two months after being traded to the Vikings in 2016. Like McNabb, he also had the worst passer rating of his season after going 24-41 for 224 yards, his lowest yards per attempt and completion percentage of the year. Fittingly he threw a garbage time TD on the penultimate play of the game.

Randall Cunningham came off the bench for the Cowboys in the Pickle Juice Game to start the season in 2000, losing 41-14. He went 13-26 with a TD and an INT. He also started and lost to the Eagles 16-13 later that season, throwing an interception and he was sacked three times.

Doug Pederson lost 35-24 in 2000 while with the Browns. He threw 40 attempts, which as you can imagine was a career high. That game constituted 8% of his career attempts. He was picked off twice and fumbled three times. The following week would be the final start of his career that lasted four more seasons.

Mark Sanchez never started against the Eagles after playing for them but he did come off the bench for both Dallas in 2016 and Washington in 2018, combining for no TDs and three INTs.

AJ Feely went 1-5 with a sack off the bench in 2011 for the Rams, they were the first passes he threw in a competitive game since his second stint with the Eagles in 2007.

Jeff Garcia, Mike Vick, and Nick Foles never faced the Eagles, though Foles potentially could later this season.

Only one QB this millennia had success both in the win column and with their performance.

It was Kevin Kolb.

Kolb missed his first potential matchup with the Eagles in 2011 due to injury. In 2012 he and the Cardinals beat the Eagles 27-6, the third of their four straight wins to start the season. They would finish the season 5-11. Kolb completed 17 of 24 passes for 222 yards and two TDs with no turnovers. He could have had more but the Cardinals raced out to a 24 point lead and spent nearly the entire fourth quarter running the ball. It was the first loss for Andy Reid in 2012. The beginning of the end of the Andy Reid era was brought to you by Kevin Kolb. Go figure.

Don’t let football distract from how toxic the WASTEAM organization is

We know that the Washington Football Team Commanders are a deeply messed up organization since Dan Snyder took over the team. We know this. We know about the stale peanuts, the stale beer, the liquid that may or may not have been sewage that fell on fans, how they brought in a guy who isn’t a Native American to pretend to be a Native American who wasn’t offended by the name “Redskins”, the mugs with the Washington logo on top of a silhouette of the state of Washington. These are standard issue gaffes for this franchise.

But things have gotten worse in recent years, and we’re not even going to get into the lawsuits against Dan Snyder, though the effects of those probably play a role.

One of Ron Rivera’s first hires in 2020 was trainer Ryan Vermillion, who worked with Rivera in Carolina. New coach brings over a training staff member he’s known for a while? What could go wrong? Plenty.

In August Vermillion agreed to a deal with the DEA for illegally dispensing oxycodone to players while with Washington.

Prior to that, defensive coordinator Jack del Rio was fined $100,000 for saying that the January 6 attack on the US Capitol was just “a dust up.” Five people died in that dust up.


In August of 2020 Washington hired Jason Wright as team president. After a career as a backup RB for the Falcons, Browns, and Cardinals, Wright got his MBA and then worked for McKinsey, a company infamous for allegedly fixing bread prices to screw over poor people. That’s the kind of background you need to work for Dan Snyder. He’s doing a bang up job.

Under Wright the team has had both of their name changes leaked and screwed up the dates on their own logo.

Wright claimed that the team is doing such a great job selling suites that other teams are calling them up and asking them what they are doing. Yeah that totally happened.

Earlier this year a reporter said to Carson Wentz “Philly didn’t want you, Indy didn’t want you. Do you think this is your last chance to prove you can be a starting quarterback in the NFL?” This is a completely fair question to ask a QB on his third team in as many years. Jim Irsay put out a weird video all but apologizing for letting his team trade for Wentz. It’s absolutely fair game to ask Wentz that question. Wright called the exchange a “childlike provocation” and directly threatened to revoke the reporter’s physical access to the team.

The NBA has forced out Robert Sarver, which will only put more pressure on the NFL to get Snyder to sell the team. Appreciate how poorly this team is run from top to bottom while you can.

Stat of the Week That May Only Interest Me

So the Eagles, who have put up over 450 yards in both games this season, still have big parts of the playbook left to get to. LOL.

Top 5 Musicians from DC

1. Ian MacKaye

2. Marvin Gaye

3. Duke Ellington

4. Henry Rollins

5. Ginuwine

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