Mbizzles Analysis of each NFC East team after 2 weeks

It's your boy Mbizzle. Let's talk about the state of the NFC East after 2 weeks. How it will play out. And an honest look at each teams strengths and weaknesses, as well as some observations from each team's 2 games... starting with the worst team in the NFC East and making our way up to the best team in the NFC East (shocker, it's not the eagles. Na lolz jk lulz. of course it is)

Worst team: Ny Giants Record 2-0. After "exhilarating" wins against the 30th and 32 best teams in the NFL, the first of which needed a titans kicker to miss a chip shot at regulation despite Saquon Barkley generating almost 200 years, and the second win coming against the worst team in the league (panthers) by a whopping 3 points, the NY Giants will go down as the biggest fraud 4-0 teams in history. Yes that's right. They will win their next 2 games against the Cooper Rush led cowboys, and then the dysfunctional Chicago Bears. Both of which are home games for the the little boy blues (bringing their total to 3 home games in a row... how does that even happen)? Ah yes, the giants fans will be making out with their Eli Manning fathead, while saying clichés such as "it doesn't matter how we win. We are 4-0. Lets F'N GOOOOOO." Great. But to anyone who doesn't drink the Brian Daboll goo-filled kool aid, this team is still atrocious. Especially the offense. I won't knock their defense... they look ok, despite the panthers fumbling the ball in back to back plays- something that would only happen for the Giants. But I digress. Listen, the Giants are a bad team. Daniel Jones is a bottom 3 QB. Even in these past 2 games, Daniel Jones did not do anything worth a double-take. He tries too hard to just not make a mistake, rather than trying to make a play. At one point against the panthers, he was like 13-13, for 47 yards. Atrocious. Saquon had a great opener, but you know who had a miserable second game? Saquoin. Kenny Golloday seems to be playing himself off of a roster spot. I believe there's more of a chance that the Women's Football league gains more popularity before Kadarious Toney plays 3 games in a row. The rookie Wandale Robinson is already proving to be a bust. You wouldn't be able to recognize their tight ends if they were standing in front of you at the super market. If not for Graham Gano being virtually automatic from every kick, the Giants would be absolutely screwed. Anyway, once their schedule stops being molly-coddled, and oh believeee me- it gets much more difficult in a few weeks, these BiG BlUE Ny GMeNNn will fall right back into mediocrity. Oh man oh man, I'll be there to troll their fanbase quicker than Eli Manning can say to himself "I'm a sellout!", which I'm sure he says every morning.

3rd Worst Team. Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys started their season in a lopsided game against the now-emaciated Tom Brady. Dak goes down late in the game and everyone starts freaking the F out, despite the fact he had only put up 3 points the whole game. Then Cooper Rush comes in in week 2 against a good Bengals team and lights it up for the first few series. The Cowboys message board at that time were allll saying "Rush is better than Dak." Stupid stupid thing to say, but that was the sentiment. No, Cooper Rush is not better than Dak. But Dak isn't that great to begin wtih. Losing Amari Cooper hurts more than any fan will admit. Zeke is fine, I guess, whatever, but Tony Pollard should absolutely be the starter there. Their O-line is deteriorating, which was once a strength of this team. There's no doubt that Micah Parsons is a stud. No doubt. But teams don't win when their MLB is a beast while the restof the team is just, bleh. Cee Dee Lamb is a fine #1 WR, but he's not in the top 7 category. Plus, it's the cowboys. Come on. Everyone in their right mind knows that 2021 was their year to make a run and they squandered it.

Second Worst Team. Washington Commanders. Wentz has looked pretty Wentz-like... he's making some nice throws, and making some dumbheaded decisions. But you know who leads the league in TD passes right now? Wentz. You know which team is well rounded on each side of the ball? Washington. You know which team could actually be decent this year? Washington. But you know which team, despite all it has going for it, will never amount to anything because of their ownership and overall stigma? Washington. I will say though, it is nice to see them not pooping their pants so early in the season.

Best Team. You guessed it. The Eagles. Hurts is playing the way we philly fans ALL KNEW he could play like, as soon as he had another year to develop coupled with a true #1 WR. The defense is proving to be legitimate... Even allowing the Lions to score >30 points, well, the Lions are proving that they might actually be pretty good. In the first game of the season, Hurts was good, not great. But our running game more than made up for it. in the second game Hurts was great, not good. And our passing game carried the load. A pick 6 in week 1. 3 picks in week 2, which honestly could've been closer to 5 picks, just shows that the defense responds well to adversity. Sirianna has been the unsung hero so far this season. Oh and the Eagles have the easiest schedule compared to any other team in the league. AJ Brown is legitimate monster. He is the perfect compliment to Devonta. Sprinkle in some Quez, and a heavy doseof Goedart, and this passing attack is lethal. In 6 weeks from now, the Eagles may have already started to run away with it.

Go Birds. S my D, Giants. You are not a cool team, Cowboys. And Washington, please don't poop your pants on the way out. That is all, children.