Not a bad day at the office for Hurts

It seemed to that Jalen Hurts had quite the game on Monday night. Even in an age of mobile quarterbacks, it can't be that often that a player passes for 300 or more yards while racking up 50 more on the ground, while also adding two rushing scores. So thought I'd take a look at just how common it is.

Hurts is one of only seven players to achieve this feat. Weirdly, all seven players did it while playing for NFC teams (Well, technically. One of them did it before the NFL/AFL merger, but his team NOW plays in the NFC). This magnificent seven consists of:

  • Jalen Hurts (333 passing yards, 57 rushing, 2 rushing touchdowns) v Minnesota, 2022-9-19
  • Russell Wilson (406, 51, 2) v New Orleans, 2019-9-22
  • Cam Newton (306, 52, 2) v Philadelphia, 2012-11-26
  • Michael Vick (333, 80, 2) v Washington, 2010-11-15
  • Daunte Culpepper (312, 73, 2) v New Orleans, 2002-12-15
  • Steve Young (331, 60, 2) v Indianapolis, 1998-10-18
  • Steve Young (348, 68, 2) v Atlanta, 1991-10-13
  • Bobby Layne (374, 64, 2) v Chicago, 1950-11-05
Seriously good company to be in with, I think you'll agree.

If we take away the two rushing touchdowns, then Hurts has three games in his career so far with 300+ passing yards and 50+ rushing yards. Steve Young leads all quarterbacks with eight such games, then comes Josh Allen with five, Russell Wilson and Mike Vick with four each. They're the only players in NFL history with more games than Hurts.

I'm not here to tell you that he's the guy forever and a day. But what he did on Monday, and has been able to do on a number of occasions, is pretty remarkable. Hats off to the lad.