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Nick Sirianni: Jalen Hurts turned in a “big-time performance”

While the Eagles’ head coach was excited, the starting QB said the offense can still be better.

Following the big Eagles win over the Vikings on Monday Night Football, head coach Nick Sirianni spoke to reporters and talked about the impressive performance by quarterback Jalen Hurts, who led the offense and was in complete control.

NICK SIRIANNI: “It was a big-time performance by him, obviously in the run game and in the pass game. Great run — both of his touchdown runs were outstanding runs, really. The one, I know it was only four yards out, but it reminded me of that New Orleans one he made last year. So, big-time performance in a big-time stage.”

Sirianni didn’t have to say much about Hurts’ effectiveness when the stats speak for themselves — over 300 yards and over 80 percent completion. He did talk about the play by Hurts to Dallas [Goedert] with 15 seconds before halftime, and the throw that set them up in field goal range.

NICK SIRIANNI: “He was in complete control that whole drive, and I thought that play was outstanding. When a guy makes a play with a little bit of presence in his face, and makes that type of throw, that’s a huge play. Read the coverage perfectly, went with the play — you know, we ran that play earlier in the drive and DeVonta [Smith], it was slightly different, but the ball went to DeVonta, then you get a different coverage and it goes to Dallas [Goedert]. So, that’s just being in complete control and taking what the defense gives you, and it was a big-time play by him and it got us points.”

The head coach credited Hurts’ dedication to getting better every single day for why we’re seeing such big improvements in different parts of his game through two weeks this season. Sirianni later said that he’s not surprised to see a young quarterback being in control like Hurts is, simply because he’s seen the QB do it during training camp and in practice, so he expects that to translate to the field on game day.

Shortly after Sirianni, Jalen Hurts also spoke to reporters about how they definitely stepped up their performance compared to Week 1, but noted that there’s still work to do.

JALEN HURTS: “We operated at a high level early on in the game, and I think that’s something we have to be able to sustain throughout the whole entire game, regardless of the situation. That starts with everybody, but I think as a whole, as a team, coming out here, playing on Monday Night Football — I remember what happened last time we played on Monday Night Football. I haven’t forgotten about that. To be able to come out here and perform at a high level as a team, that’s big for us. To perform at a high level and still leave so much money on the table.”

The QB went on to say that the standard they have set for themselves still hasn’t been met, and as that standard continues to climb, they’ll have to rise to the occasion. Several times Hurts mentioned that as good as the first half performance was by the offense, he’s focused on how they ended the game, which was not up to their standard. Being consistent and executing throughout the entire game is what they need to do.

Hurts was asked about having Bryce Harper and James Harden in the front row taking in the game, and he was quick to say, “That’s nice. That’s Philly.”

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