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The NFC East is back!

The ecstasy and the agony

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Where would we be without the NFC East? It is a constant, never ending source of entertainment. Week 1 of the 2022 season was no different.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)

How did they start the season? Scored 38 points and gave up 35 points against the Lions, which counts as a win.

What went well? The Eagles offense scored 31 points, the second most of any team in Week 1. They ran for 216 yards and scored four TDs on the ground from four different players. The defense scored a TD on a pick six.

Is that sustainable? Yes it is, this is basically the same way the Eagles beat bad teams last year. The offense steamrolled the opposition on the ground and the Eagles scored 5 TDs on defense last year, second most in the league. The new and improved Eagles: just like last year!

What went wrong? The defense gave up five touchdowns to a team that was 25th in scoring last year.

Is that fixable? In theory, yes. They could have tackled better, they could have rotated their players better, they could have adjusted to the Lions offense better as the game progressed. In reality, almost-Texans head coach Jonathan Gannon looked like he didn’t have any answers, another repeat of last season. The new and improved Eagles: just like last year!

Next up: Host the Vikings on MNF, then visit the Football Team Commanders.

New York Giants (1-0)

How did they start the season? The beat the Titans 21-20 thanks to a two point conversion with just over a minute left. Do the Giants actually have a smart coach now?

What went well? Saquon Barkley had 164 yards, literally twice as much as Derrick Henry had. Over the previous two seasons Barkley averaged 3.5 yards per carry, against Tennessee he had 9.1. Danny Dimes only turned the ball over once!

Is that sustainable? Am I really asking if 9 yards a carry is sustainable in the NFL? It’s not even sustainable in college. But for the first time in years Barkley looked explosive, if he can sustain that maybe the Giants, who are tanking, can get a 4th round draft pick for him in October.

What went wrong? The Giants lost the turnover ratio, lost the time of possession, Daniel Jones had only 188 passing yards, Jones was sacked five times, the team was called for more penalties than the Titans, and the offense went 2 for 10 on third down. Any of those things are not difficult to overcome in a game on an individual basis but add it all up and that’s the ingredients list of a bad loss that has everyone questioning everything. It’s a game talk radio show hosts live for, except the Giants won.

Is that fixable? You’d think so, but the Giants were bad at all of those things last year except penalties, where they committed fewer than their opponents. So in a one game microcosm, despite winning the Giants performed worse than they did last year. There’s still 16 games to go but what was Brian Daboll working on all summer? Maybe they didn’t get themselves a smart coach. I bet Brian Flores would have done better. The defense that Flores now works with intercepted Joe Burrow 4 times and sacked him 7 times. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he would have done better.

Next up: Host the Panthers and Cowboys. Feels like every year there’s a team that starts out surprisingly hot and then doesn’t make the playoffs, this year they might be Giants. (I just punched myself in the face for making that play on words.)

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Washington Football Team Commanders (1-0)

How did they start the season? Defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars at home 28-22. The Jaguars had previously lost their last 17 games played in another NFL team’s stadium, their only win away from home since 2019 was in London, which is basically a home game for them anyway. Congratulations on coming from behind to beat them!

What went well? Carson Wentz threw 4 TDs.

Is that sustainable? LOL of course it isn’t. Seriously though, since the start of the 2018 season he’s thrown 3+ TDs in back to back games twice, and one of those was his final game of 2018 and first game of 2019, so he’s only done it in back to back weeks once.

What went wrong? Carson Wentz threw back to back INTs and turned a 2 point lead into an 8 point deficit.

Is that fixable? If it was Carson Wentz wouldn’t be on his third team in as many seasons.

Next up: Visit the Lions then host the Eagles.

Dallas Cowboys (0-1)

How did they start the season? Lost 19-3 on Sunday Night Football to the Buccaneers.

What went well? The Cowboys only gave up one touchdown to Touchdown Tom Brady and shut out the Bucs in the 4th quarter! Jerry Jones probably made a lot of money in concession sales.

Is that sustainable? Yes, they are not going to play the Bucs again this year so I am confident that is the only TD they’ll give up to Brady. And I’m absolutely certain Jerry Jones will make a lot of money off of fans this season.

What went wrong? The vaunted Cowboys defense gave up points on four of out of the first five possessions, the one that they didn’t was a missed 36 yard field goal. With no one to throw to or block for him, Dak Prescott had one of the worst games of his career. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. Oh and he injured the thumb on his throwing hand. At least the fears of his ankle giving him problems weren’t realized!

Is that fixable? The thumb? Yeah, he’s already had surgery and is out 6-8 weeks. Jerry Jones has said they look forward to him returning in 4. I’m not making that up.

The rest of the team? Oh bless your heart. 40 year old Jason Peters, freshly signed out of the training camp of… wait a moment… he wasn’t in anyone’s camp. Anyway, he isn’t fixing this offensive line. CeeDee Lamb, the latest member of “the 88 Club” that includes Hall of Famers Drew Pearson and Michael Irvin, and also Dez Bryant, looked like he should give up his spot at the table to eat Chipotle to Antonio Bryant.

Next up: Host the Bengals then visit the Giants.

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