A Tale of Two Cities

Let’s say we win the division in 2022, but don’t earn the bye. Let’s also suppose we win a playoff game. So what happens next? There are at least two options.

The Antihurtsadelphia crowd could come up with something like this. Yeah, we had a good year, but was it because of Hurts getting better or due to the significant improvements made elsewhere? Hurts will probably never be an elite QB, but playing on a exceptionally talented team helps to mask that. Let’s not come up with a "franchise QB" salary extension for Hurts. Didn’t we learn our lesson with Wentz? Keep Hurts on his rookie contract for 2023 and then trade him. With so many other talented players on the team we’ll win the division again in 2023 and Hurts’ trade value will be a first and probably more. We can use that ammo to draft a true elite QB. With a good QB on a rookie contract we can continue to build the team without cap concerns and become dominant. A learning year with a rook at the helm in 2024 might be the only bump in the road.

The Prohurtsadelphia crowd wants to reward Hurts for leading us to a second consecutive successful year by giving him a multiyear extension at 25 to 30 million a year. After all, he will only continue to improve, and we will be perennial contenders moving forward. Heck, this group thinks that Hurts is actually making the NFL rethink their strategy on how to succeed. Double threat QBs could become more valued with our continued success. Hurts is developing into a QB you win because of, not just a QB you can win with.

It not that unrealistic to think we could go 11 and 6 and win the division in 2022. Where do you stand if we do? Oh yeah, there is a third option. Kick the can down the road again and wait another year to see if Hurts can be our franchise QB going forward. If you are in this camp, you need to get off the pot. It's time for us to decide who we are and live with that decision.