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Eagles Mailbag: Linemen, hoagies, and linemen’s hoagies

Get it while it’s hot. Or cold. Your choice.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

There was a supposed to be another Eagles-Dolphins practice on Thursday, but instead the Dolphins had to pull out due to “non-COVID related illness” that they claim is a “stomach bug” that has gone around the team. Come on now, we aren’t dumb. In Miami the visiting team is supposed to get hungover, not the home team. #NFLPoops

With no practice to talk about (we talking about practice) it was a good time to take some questions.

BullyPullpit: With Tyron Smith out (probably for the season) should the Cowboys be begging the Eagles to trade Dillard to them? Should the Eagles consider a trade to their rival? What realistic price could the Eagles get, if any, and would the pros outweigh the cons?

I don’t think the Eagles call the Cowboys, but if the Cowboys called, the Eagles would absolutely stay on the line. When they call you, you have leverage. I don’t see the Cowboys making that call for four reasons though.

1. They just drafted Tyler Smith, who played left tackle in college. The plan was to play him at guard this year before eventually replacing Tyron Smith at left tackle. So it’s not like they have zero at the position on paper. On the field, we’ll see. That timeline is now accelerated, but it’s not panic time for the Cowboys. Not yet. And it’s easier to slide Tyler Smith to tackle and add a roster worthy guard than it is to keep Smith at guard and add a roster worthy tackle.

2. For all the positives Dillard has received in camp, his performances against the Jets and Browns didn’t match the hype. He’s certainly been better, but improvement isn’t the threshold the Cowboys need to clear for their LT solution. If they are trading draft capital for a lineman that player has to be starter quality. If they are content to bring in a guy who can be a backup to Tyler Smith, then free agency and the waiver wire will have options available that don’t cost anything.

3. Dillard is in the last year of his contract, it is unusual for teams to trade for backups about to hit free agency.

4. The Eagles and Cowboys have made some draft day trades in recent years, but they don’t make player trades. One day that may change, but it’s really hard to see Andre Dillard being the player to break that seal.

But let’s say he does. Recent offensive linemen trades tell us that a Dillard trade will involve a pick swap.

Ravens traded G Ben Bredeson, a 5th and a future 7th to the Giants for a 4th

Ravens traded T Orlando Brown, a 2nd, and a future 6th for a 1st, 3rd, 4th, and future 5th

Ravens traded C Greg Mancz and a 7th to the Dolphins for a 6th

Chiefs traded T Yasir Durant to the Patriots for a 7th

Raiders traded T Trent Brown and a 7th to the Patriots for a 5th

Patriots traded G Shaq Mason to the Bucs for a 5th

Eagles traded G Matt Pryor and a 7th to the Colts for 6th

Orlando Brown was coming off of two straight Pro Bowls and was on the final year of his contract. He’s an outlier. The Cowboys probably start the offer with a 6th for Dillard and a 7th and say yes if the Eagles counter with a 5th for Dillard and a 7th. The Cowboys say no if the Eagles go any higher.

If the Cowboys offered a 5th for a 7th, or a 6th straight up, I would do it. Dillard’s trade value will never be higher and he has no future on the team. Dillard isn’t a swing tackle, if Lane Johnson is out they’ve played Dillard at LT and moved Jordan Mailata to RT, making two changes when only one was needed. He is unlikely he will be in demand in free agency, so you’re not getting good comp pick value out of him, if at all.

Jack: What’s your Wawa hoagie order?

As soon as I tweeted the mailbag question out, I knew this was coming. In case you missed it, Devonta Smith admitted that he has a Wawa addiction. Which is fine. They aren’t going to suspend you for being addicted to turkey. What is not fine is that he called it a sub, not a hoagie. Devonta, this ain’t Publix. A veteran needs to step in and help him out.

I have two answers that depend on where I am. I live in Atlanta, and the only Wawa we have here is a creepy massage spa that I only bring up because it is either coincidentally or suspiciously next to the Mexican Consulate. (Before you ask how do I know this, it’s because you can see it from the highway.)

Am I visiting family in Maryland? I’ll go Italian. Yeah, it’s the standard issue hoagie, but it’s the standard issue hoagie for a reason. I’m loading it up though, extra meat, extra cheese, and some extra oil and I’m good. I need a Pennsylvania Dutch birch beer too.

Am I in Philly, where I can get a “need to take a picture of this before I eat it” hoagie at plenty of places? If so, at Wawa I’m going with a guilty pleasure: pepperoni. They used to (still do?) have a bagel with pepperoni and provolone ready to go under a heat lamp. It was greasy and it made your arteries feel bad for you, you couldn’t even be sure when it was made but so what, it was delicious. That was my Wawa addiction.

HotCakes03: Match the type of hoagie with the starting o-line 5.

Okay so this is officially Mailbag: Hoagie Edition.

Jordan Mailata - Italian. This seems boring but Jordan Mailata just needs to play the hits to cement his status as Philadelphia’s Favorite Australian Athlete.

Landon Dickerson - Two Italians. Tempted to go with pulled pork as Dickerson is from North Carolina. No disrespect to Wawa but you don’t go there for BBQ. Instead I’m picturing Mailata ordering first and then his BFF doing a friendly one-up and getting two. Again, just play the hits; and big boys gotta eat.

Jason Kelce - The Gobbler. This is a seasonal item, but this is also Jason Kelce. No matter what time of year it is, if Kelce walks into a Wawa and says he is having the Gobbler, he is having the Gobbler.

Isaac Seumalo - BLT. Seumalo is the fourth longest tenured Eagle, he’s a quiet guy whose teammates and coaches have nothing but endless praise for. The kind of guy who knows you can comfortably straddle the divide between bacon and veggies and not get crap for it.

Lane Johnson - Roasted veggie. You’ve seen his at home gym? That’s not the place for a guy who loads up on processed meats.

SwaveyJP: What’s more impressive, skydiver Luke Aikins flying 25,000 feet without a parachute into a net, or, the delusion of Cowboys fans that fail to admit their team is a modern embarrassment?

If this question was who is more insane, it is Luke Aikins, who risked ceasing to exist. At least it would have been painless if he crashed into the Earth at 120 mph! But the question is what is more impressive, and that answer is Cowboys fans. Luke Aikins lived. The Cowboys hopes for this season have already died, and they died before Tyron Smith got hurt.

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