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Nick Sirianni yells at Jets sideline after late hit on Jalen Hurts

The Eagles head coach cussed them out and it was fantastic.

The Eagles sideline was fired up early in the preseason opener against the Jets, when Quincy Williams had a (dirty) late hit on Jalen Hurts as he went out of bounds.

Luckily, Hurts appeared to be okay, and went on to finish the opening drive 6-of-6 for 80 yards and a touchdown pass to Dallas Goedert.

Right after the play, head coach Nick Sirianni was fuming as he yelled at the Jets sideline. The list of reasons to like Sirianni has grown a lot the past year, but this might be one his most relatable moments, and it’s exactly the kind of reaction I want from my head coach — he was pissed, and he should have been.

The Eagles starters only played for one series, on offense and on defense, but it was enough of a glimpse to see the potential on both sides of the ball. It’s only the preseason, but it’s really hard not to get excited about this team.

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