53-Roster Locks & Bubble

Greetings fellow Eagles fans,

We all can't wait for actual football to begin, so what better way to occupy our time other than looking at who we can expect to see on the field.

Here are my thoughts on locks and the bubble.

Locks to make the roster

QB - Hurts, Minshew (2)

RB - Sanders, Gainwell, Scott (3, 5) - admittedly I was debating whether Scott was a bubble guy but he team resigned him to a $1.1 million guaranteed contract so I think he's a lock.

WR - Brown, Smith, Watkins, Pascal (4, 9). I am really tempted to put Raegor as a lock give dead money impact, but coach said he is fighting for a roster spot so bubble it is.

TE - Goedert, Calcaterra (2, 11). Tempted to put Stoll as a lock given his blocking, but tend to this he's on the bubble.

OT - Mailata, Johnson, Dillard (3, 14). Only chance Dillard is not on is if he gets traded.

G - Dickerson, Seumalo (2, 16). Opeta is a borderline lock here too, but erred on the side of being under inclusive.

C - Kelce, Jurgens (2, 18). Next.

DE - Graham, Sweat, Barnett (3, 21). I personally view Reddick as more of a DE but official website lists him as LB.

DT - Cox, Hargrave, Davis, Milton Williams (4, 25). Yikes. Scary good and that's without Tuipulotu.

LB - Reddick, Edwards, Dean, White (4, 29). Most interesting and important bubble in my view, together with OL.

CB - Slay, Bradberry, Maddox, McPhearson (4, 33).

S - Harris, Epps, Chachere (3, 37). I know, Tartt is a virtual lock.

Special Teams - Lovato (LS) and Elliott (K) (2, 39).

So, my cautious list of locks gets us to 39. Now time for the bubble.

There are 14 spots available. Let's start with the easy one - there will be a punter (40).

QB - Sinnett or Strong. One make it, other will hopefully land on the practice squad (41).

WR - Raegor, Covey, Ward, Cain, Hightower, maybe Allen. All of these are fighting for one or two spots. Raegor is probably one of them unless Roseman can magically trade him (still haven't forgiven him and never will, for taking Raegor and not Jefferson), and I think Covey might sneak due to special teams capabilities, especially if they feel he won't clear waivers. Let's go with 2 here given talent pool (43).

TE - Stoll, Togiai and Arcge-Whiteside, plus Tyree Jackson who is PUP for one or two spots. I think Stoll will make the roster as the blocking tight end, and the team will only keep 3 tight ends, because Jackson is PUP, Richard Rodgers can always be resigned during the season and one or both of Togiai and Arcege-Whiteside probably clear waivers so can be available. (45)

OL - I already have 7 OL on my "locks", and no centers are on the bubble, so need to group the OT - Jack Driscoll, Le'Raven Clark, Kayode Awosika and Brett Toth who is currently PUP - and guards - Opeta and Jack Anderson. Note that I am only mentioning bubble players. I believe there are 3 rosters spots, which would bring offense to 25 roster players. Opeta and Driscoll are front runner for backup spots (barring a bad return from injury for Driscoll). Clark is the clear leader if there is indeed a 10th OL roster spot, but a lot depends on how he, Anderson and Awosika perform at camp. Team might like Awosika's potential enough to keep him away from waivers. (46)

DE - Tarron Jackson is technically on the bubble but a virtual lock. (48)

DT - Tuipulotu is on the bubble, maybe together with Wren. Probably no fifth DT roster spot given our quality and depth at this position, but Tuipoluto will be on the practice squad if he clears waivers. (48)

LB - Davion Taylor, Patrick Johnson, Shaun Bradley, Kyron Johnson, Christian Elliss, JaCoby Stevens, Ali Fayad. Everyone on the LB bubble beyond the 4 locks. With only five remaining spots on the roster, I think the team keeps 3 LB, 1 CB and 1 S. The LBs would be Taylor and two out of Kyron Johnson, Patrick Johnson and Shaun Bradley. A tough one to predict and call. Special teams ability might determine. (51).

CB - Vincent Jr., Gowan, Jobe, Goodrich, Scott, McCain III. One CB wins it all. Maybe two if they impress and team only keeps two LBs from the bubble. (52)

S - Tartt, Wallace and Blakenship competing for one spot. Tartt will win it. (53)