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Jordan Davis reacts to viral clip of him pushing back Cam Jurgens: “I hate it, honestly”

Plus, Cam Jurgens talks about filling in for Jason Kelce and getting more reps.

The Eagles are steadfast in their commitment to building through the trenches, and they did that again in 2022 with their first two draft picks: Jordan Davis and Cam Jurgens. As we approach the team’s first preseason game on Friday, they both are excited to get on the field and utilize their opportunities to improve.

Here’s what the rookies had to say:

Jordan Davis

All smiles, the first round pick talked about how this is what dreams are made of and he’s definitely excited for his first preseason game on Friday. He’s going to do what he can and play to the best of his ability.

Davis said he’s most improved mentally so far in camp. He explained that football is a mental game, and he has to learn all the ins and outs, all the techniques, and how to push through adversity — including the heat.

The rookie was asked about the clip from Sunday’s public practice, when he bested Jurgens on a rep, going viral.

“I hate it, honestly. I just feel like it shows — it’s very one-sided. You see one rep, but you don’t see Cam just blocking me, and getting me at practice, and getting me at the other reps. So, you know, I always say, ‘Looks can be deceiving,’ so one rep and it goes viral, whatever. But, you know, Cam is holding his own. He’s a very good player and it’s just good competition.”

Davis later agreed that his skill is often underrated because of his size, but he’s just continuing to work and get better and is trying to be the type of player he was in college at the NFL level. He’s working to mesh his size with the technique and fundamentals he’s learning to be the best overall player he can be.

The DT had a great attitude about some of the rookie traditions like getting the guys water or snacks, and carrying helmets. He said that having to do those things means he’s a rookie in the NFL which is a dream, and it’s something he’ll be able to tell his kids about one day. Davis noted that Fletcher Cox told him early on that they never take things too far because they’re all teammates, so it’s just in good fun.

Cam Jurgens

Sirianni confirmed that Jurgens is getting the first team reps while Jason Kelce has work done on his elbow, and the rookie acknowledged it’s a good opportunity for him. Jurgens feels like he gets more ready every day. He’s excited for Friday’s game and to go against someone other than his own team.

“The thing I’m trying to focus on — I’ve got supreme faith and confidence in the guys to the right and left of me, so I’m just trying to earn that respect and get that confidence from them and me.”

Jurgens went on to say that he’s learned the playbook and he feels comfortable with it, but nothing compares to live reps which is why it’s great that he gets extra work with Kelce sidelined.

The rookie also talked about how valuable it’s been having Jason Kelce around. He noted that Kelce has been helpful with stuff both on and off the field, and Jurgens appreciates being able to ask him things from individual techniques to what he does to recover. Jurgens also admitted (with a smile) that even though he won’t be on the practice field, Kelce will still be in his — and everybody’s — ear.

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