Lincoln Financial Stadium Tours

Just an FYI for the board:

LFF holds self-guided stadium tours Monday thru Friday. Tix are only ten bucks on Ticketmaster. You can go anytime during the day. It was very cool being able to walk out at field level (no walking on the field itself). Also, getting pix in the media room where the post-game interviews we see all the time are filmed. The coolest thing though is going into the locker room and seeing the players names on their lockers. I got photos of Kelce's, Hurts, AJ Brown and Jordan Davis. And, the big surprise - the Super Bowl Trophy is there for you to take pictures of. So cool. You also get to walk out of the tunnel where the players come out to the game with the hype music blasting you in the chest as you stroll out.

Overall a very awesome experience. Worth every penny of ten bucks for Eagles fans.

Go Birds!