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Eagles News: ESPN cornerback rankings leave Darius Slay outside of the top 10

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/8/22.

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NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Ranking the NFL’s top 10 cornerbacks for 2022: Execs, coaches, players make their picks for the best corners - ESPN+
Honorable mention: Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles: Slay is a nine-year vet who made his fourth Pro Bowl in 2021 and, like White, he was a fixture in the rankings the past two years. But he has 15 pass deflections since joining Philadelphia two years ago. “His ability has held up pretty well, I don’t feel like he’s lost a major step [at age 31],” an AFC scout said. “Love Slay. I would just take others ahead of him due to ball production.”

Eagles All-22 Film Review: What to make of Anthony Harris - BGN
Personally, I think Tartt is very similar to Harris but a better athlete which means you can do slightly more with him in coverage. I would expect Tartt and Epps to start but I think Harris will absolutely be used and will have a role to play in this defense next year. His tape was better than I thought, and he wasn’t the huge liability that I expected to see. Overall, I am OK with the Eagles safety room, but I don’t see a way that Harris/Tartt can play as a duo for long considering their skill sets so I would be pretty concerned if Epps was to miss any time next year.

Odds and End Zones #24: NFL Offseason and Stranger Things Talk - BGN Radio
On the latest episode of Odds and End Zones, Shamus and Zo run through NFL offseason tidbits and discuss the Season 4 finale of Stranger Things.

The best offseason move for all 16 NFC teams - PFF
Extending WR A.J. Brown as a condition to the trade. We could write an entire article about all the smart things the Eagles did leading up to and during this offseason. Philadelphia maximized the added flexibility that three 2022 first-round picks provided them by acquiring a known commodity in star wideout A.J. Brown and then agreeing to a trade with the Saints that netted them an extra 2023 first- and 2024 second-round pick. One component of the Brown trade that should not be overlooked was Philadelphia’s unwillingness to officially make the move unless they could strike a deal on an extension beforehand. Players gain added leverage in extension negotiations with a new club after being acquired for significant draft capital, as evidenced by Laremy Tunsil, Jalen Ramsey, Jamal Adams and DeAndre Hopkins, to name a few. Look no further than the current standoff between tackle Orlando Brown Jr. and the Kansas City Chiefs, now eight days away from the franchise tag deadline. Brown’s four-year, $100 million extension is obviously still a monster contract, but getting his deal done before fellow 2019 draft wide receivers in Terry McLaurin, Deebo Samuel and DK Metcalf and without letting the trade leverage really factor in will pay dividends. In fact, it already has, as McLaurin’s three-year new money cash flow is expected to be slightly above Brown’s $69 million. Samuel and Metcalf may eventually surpass them both before Week 1. Philadelphia got a fair deal done and avoided any potential headaches while working to ink their new star wide receiver long-term.

Why Vermeil says today’s NFL practices are ‘cheating’ players - NBCSP
“If (non-contact) was the best way to do it, we’d train the Navy Seals a little differently. Football’s not a contact sport, it’s a combat sport. That offensive center on that nose tackle, they’re in combat. Dancing is a contact sport. And I worry about preparing them for the intense situations in a game on a consistent basis.” The NFL began regulating training camp practices in 2002, a year after Vikings offensive tackle Korey Stringer died after suffering from heat stroke on the second day of 2001 training camp in Mankato, Minn. Starting in 2002, training camp two-a-days were limited to one full practice and one walkthrough or special teams practice. Rules governing practices have gradually grown stricter in the years since, but Sirianni might have held the first training camp in history in which the players never tackled to the ground. But despite the unique summer, the Eagles did win nine games and reach the playoffs. Vermeil said looking back now, he would make some adjustments. But not a lot.

2022 NFL Quarterbacks Tier List - Football Outsiders
[BLG Note: Jalen Hurts finished in the “C” tier, behind at least 18 other starting quarterbacks.]

Worst to first? An argument for the Giants winning the NFC East - Big Blue View
In my view, there is no way I would predict that the Giants will win the NFC East. This is a team tied with the New York Jets for the worst record in football over the past five years at 22-59, a .272 winning percentage. It is a team with a rookie GM and rookie head coach that is — again — starting over. Still, we are talking about the less than dominant NFC East, a division where surprising things happen and no one seems capable of winning two years in a row.

Addressing the importance of Washington’s Tight End room - Hogs Haven
With a history of relying on his Tight End room to do some heavy lifting for the offense he commands, Carson Wentz will need Washington’s trio of pass catchers to do the dirty work.

Von Miller says he would have joined Cowboys for less than Buffalo, but they offered him the Randy Gregory deal - Blogging The Boys
The contract that Buffalo gave to Miller was met with some intense reaction among NFL fans. It is a lot of money to give to an older player, but again if there is an exception to the rule it may be him. Whether or not the Cowboys were comfortable doing that is a different subject entirely as opposed to recycling the Randy Gregory offer. Obviously Dallas was comfortable handing out the contract that they were going to for Gregory because they just about got it done. They might have thought they could turn around and hand the same thing to Miller, but he was always likely to command a lot more money than that, and he did in his contractwith Buffalo. It is certainly easier now for Miller to say that he would have taken less to join the Cowboys, but for all we know that is true. We have seen many players use the Cowboys brand to get more money elsewhere and it is possible that he did that with Buffalo.

NFL Daily Kickoff, Friday- The Raiders make history again - The SB Nation NFL Show
The Raiders are breaking barriers yet again - we have all the details. Plus, Daniel Snyder will testify to Congress, Jerry Rice believes in Trey Lance, and more!


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