53 Prediction

QB - Hurts, Minshew, Strong

cut Sinnett

no comments needed

RB - Sanders, Gainwell, Scott

cut Huntley, Brooks

Im rooting for Brooks because we need bigger backs, but he isnt big or quick enough.

WR - Brown, Smith, Watkins, Pascal, Reagor

cut Wheatfall, Ward, Lenoir, Hightower, Covey, Cain, Allen

Yes, Reagor. We won’t cut him. We have to pay him to cut him. Next year we can cut him. Let’s just hope we can trade him. He isnt as bad as we believe, he simply grew up a Dallas fan and hates us. Ward is a good story, and carved out an unnecessarily long career, but he has no upside. He’s at his ceiling and isn’t worth rostering. PS him, and he can jump in if we get injured. I will root for a PR to stand out, but its a long shot.

TE - Goedert, Stoll, Calcaterra

cut Togiai, Graham, JJAW

Graham is interesting, and if Calcaterra isn’t playing well, he can take that spot.

T - Johnson, Mailata, Dillard, Clark

cut none

Dillard is fine, I wish we could cut some Eagles media.

G - Dickerson, Seumalo, Driscoll, Opeta, Awosika

cut Sills, Dunkle

I like Awosika, as he can potentially play T and Stoutland clearly likes his potential. Nobody should be second guessing Stoutland.

C - Kelce, Jurgens

cut Anderson, Tom

We shouldnt require more depth here, as Seumalo can also fill in.

This leaves 25 for offense. The final spot comes down to Awosika, any PR who shows up preseason, and Brooks as a long shot. I have Awosika, as we seem paranoid he will be poached.

DE - Graham, Sweat, Barnett, Jackson

cut Leo

Solid 4, Jackson might steal some snaps.

DT/NT - Davis, Hargrave, Cox, Williams

cut Wren, Wilson, Tuipulotu, Smith

a 3 man front featuring Davis, Hargrave, and Cox is mean. Im excited to see it.

OLB/EDGE - Reddick, White, Taylor, K Johnson, P Johnson

cut Stevens, Fayad,

Stevens isn’t a pro at S or LB.

MLB/ILB - Dean, Edwards, Bradley

cut Elliss

Elliss may actually make the team, he needs to take a step at LB and find snaps on ST.

CB - Slay, Bradberry, Maddox, McPhearson, Vincent

cut Scott, Moreland, McCain, Jobe, Gowan, Goodrich, Blackwell

This is my favorite camp competition, CB4/5 (6?) with lots of names and not to mention ST contributions will be important for these guys. Jobe should get a look at S, and Chachere is also very much competing with this group despite being a S.

S - Epps, Tartt, Harris, Chachere

cut Mayden, Blankenship

not very deep, look for us to bring in cuts from other teams. Chachere hanging in on account of ST while CB depth tries to take those snaps from him too.

That’s 25 for D. Final spot won by P Johnson over CB group and Elliss. We may elect to keep an extra nickel corner or even a S convert like Jobe if they show up in camp. Lots of great ST battles going on too.

The 3 specialists are competing against themselves. Siposs needs more competition.