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Eagles News: Philadelphia among NFL’s most overlooked teams entering the 2022 season

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/8/22.

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Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Workout Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

The 5 most overlooked teams entering the 2022 NFL season - PFF
Why They Are Being Underrated. Jalen Hurts‘ development as an NFL passer is something for him to build on in 2022. From his first to his second NFL season, his PFF passing grade, rushing grade and big-time throw rate all increased on a far larger snap sample size. But many remain skeptical of the 23-year-old’s ability to lead the Eagles’ offense for years to come. He finished just 22nd of 33 qualifying passers in accuracy percentage (based on ball location data) last season and faded down the campaign’s stretch overall, making just four big-time throws across his final five outings. So while Hurts has improved as a more aggressive passer, his decision-making and accuracy remain points of contention for Eagles skeptics. [...] The Eagles traded for A.J. Brown during the draft to pair him with second-year talent DeVonta Smith, giving them their best wideout duo since DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. And on defense, getting Georgia teammates Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean in the first three rounds does wonders for their defensive front. Davis and his 86.5 run-defense grade from 2021 will surely boost the team’s anemic run defense from a year ago. Dean may be a bit undersized, but his top-five pass-rushing grade (91.3), top-five coverage grade (90.4) and top-ranked defensive grade (91.8) at the linebacker position in 2021 highlight the versatility he can provide in the NFL. In free agency, the Eagles obtained an underrated CB2 option in James Bradberry at an affordable price while maintaining the nucleus of their stellar pass-blocking unit, led by Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson at the tackle spots. The roster talent is evident at many major positions, potentially opening the door for another surprise playoff run.

NFC East Mixtape Vol.60: Give us the truth serum! - BGN Radio
RJ Ochoa and Brandon Lee Gowton come up with questions that they’d ask various individuals from each franchise in the division if they had to give their honest answers.

Where are the Eagles deep, and not so deep, after the 2022 NFL Draft: Defense edition - PhillyVoice
Are the Eagles in good shape here relative to the rest of the league? We haven’t seen much of McPhearson or Scott in games, and we haven’t seen Gowan, Vincent, or McCain at all yet in training camp, so it’ll be interesting to get a closer look at all of those guys this summer. I’m also curious to see how undrafted players like Jobe, Goodrich and Blackwell play in camp. And then there’s Moreland, an experienced fourth-year corner who has played in 37 games, and started seven. It seems the Eagles’ strategy at corner is to get a good look at as many young guys as they can, and see if someone pans out. I kinda like that strategy. In the meantime, they’re set at the starting spots.

Why is Siposs still the Eagles’ punter? - NBCSP
As much as Clay defended Siposs, he left the door open for Howie Roseman to bring competition in for training camp depending who’s available and what the 90-man roster looks like. “You never know what’s going to unfold from now until September,” Clay said. “There may be some legs out there that we do want to bring in, but for right now I think we’re going to work with our three, get that confidence back up there.”

Eagles partner with Every Kid Sports to invest in local youth athletes -
The Philadelphia Eagles are pleased to announce they are teaming up with Every Kid Sports (EKS), a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to provide increased access to youth sports. The activation partnership includes an initial community investment of $10,000 and a commitment to fund sports registration fees for 500 youth in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The funding will help cover the registration fees for income-restricted families through grants provided by the Every Kid Sports Pass, the flagship program offered by Every Kid Sports. “We are excited to work with Every Kid Sports to provide more opportunities for our city’s youth athletes to engage in the sports they love,” said Julie Hirshey, Vice President of Community Relations, Philadelphia Eagles. “We look forward to helping break down the financial barriers facing families in the Philadelphia community and allowing more kids to get on the playing field.” The objective of the partnership is to increase awareness for the Every Kid Sports Pass and encourage youth sports participation in Philadelphia and surrounding communities. The Eagles are the second professional football team from the NFL to solidify a partnership with Every Kid Sports.

NFL draft 2023: Projected order for top 10 picks, including where Jets, Bears, Steelers, others could land - ESPN
10. New York Giants. Chance at No. 1 pick: 2.8%. Chance at top 10: 37.7%. Why they are here: Daniel Jones has been disappointing for a sixth-overall pick, but he has upside under center. There’s potential in the offensive line and wide receiver groups, and with a new offensive-minded head coach, the Giants should improve from their 30th-ranked offensive efficiency last season. But still, ESPN’s FPI believes this is a team that will be below average (23rd on offense, 27th on defense) on both sides of the ball.

You might as well start mocking for 2023 - Big Blue View
For 2023, PFN, like most everyone else, has C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young as QB1 and QB2, respectively. After that, it’s anyone’s guess who the best alternative options at QB will be. The NFL Mock Draft Database consensus big board currently has Will Levis of Kentucky as QB3 at No. 14, and as the consensus pick for the Giants. The history of Levis’ projected draft position is one of the biggest mysteries in football (figure from NFL Mock Draft Database).

Why Dalton Schultz’ absence from OTAs could be a blessing in disguise for the Cowboys - Blogging The Boys
Like it or not, skipping OTAs, and maybe even more of the offseason, is probably in the best interest of Dalton Schultz and his future, whether it’s with the Cowboys or not. There’s no real reason for him to be out there opening himself up to a potential injury that could put his 2022 season in jeopardy. And, it could actually be a blessing in disguise for Dallas. The Cowboys already know what they have in Dalton Schultz. What they don’t know is what they have depth-wise behind him at the tight end position. After Blake Jarwin’s release, Dallas is in search of a new TE2 to replace him. With Schultz now expected to be out for an unknown amount of time, an opportunity arises for someone to step up to claim that job.

Say What You Want About the Re-Brand, but the Commanders New Uniforms are FIRE! - Hogs Haven
When Washington announced the new name, it was met with mixed reaction. Team president Jason Wright has said numerous times that the team wasn’t looking at the “immediate”, rather 6-12 months from now, and the long-term sustainability the brand would carry. Fans were outraged the choice wasn’t RedWolves, but to some, Commanders has grown on them over these past few months. Others will NEVER accept the new name, and will still refer to Washington as the Redskins. One thing that seems to be really taking hold, however, are the new uniforms that were unveiled. Now of course, not EVERYONE will embrace change. Many have referred to the new gigs as looking like an arena team, and some have even said the white jerseys look like the Arizona Cardinals or Atlanta Falcons. Still, the majority of fans are really coming around on the new digs - especially after seeing some of our players donning them.

Walmart heirs will soon own almost every Colorado pro sports team - SB Nation
I was explicitly told not to mention Walmart, to play dumb if anyone asked about their cost, and should anyone push for an explanation, tell them “cost of manufacturing had increased,” which I knew was a lie. The larger stores were fine with it. They were accustomed to price movement and didn’t really care. To the small shoe stores this was a big deal. Socks had a great profit margin for them and didn’t go out of style and create dead stock like shoes did, so they were extremely upset. After a week of making these calls I was reprimanded for not towing the company line. I refused to lie to the small stores that pressed me and came up with my own answer to skirt around the issue “business conditions have changed.” Two weeks later the company generated an excuse to fire me, saying my “focus was divided” and that “I seemed distracted” because I shared with my manager months earlier that I was a sports blogger on nights and weekends. I later found out it’s because a few of my clients intuited correctly about my “business conditions have changed” line and asked why Walmart was able to charge the same cost for their seven pair pack that they did with six pairs if cost of goods were increasing. There was no answer. So, just as Walmart was able to push around a multi-million apparel company and screw over the little guy by proxy, so too is the family behind this corporation now in charge of sports in Denver. I’m not saying the same practices will take place in Denver, and honestly I don’t know what the Walton and Kroenke link to the company is these days anyway — but the opportunity is there. We deserve to know the business practices of those who buy our teams, and who wield this much power.

NFL Daily Kickoff, Wednesday - the world champion Rams reconvene, Deebo shows up, DK doesn’t - The SB Nation NFL Show
A number of teams began their mandatory minicamps on Tuesday, including the world champion Los Angeles Rams. The New England Patriots, who could have a new, “streamlined” offense, were also back in the mix. Deebo Samuel showed up, but DK Metcalf didn’t. Quick updates in Tampa, Indianapolis, Chicago and Buffalo.


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