Hurts passes with his right hand, right?

Or at least that's the way I remember it. Rolling to his right. Right?

Well anyways, Went to see Devonta Smith and friends Celebrity Softball Classic at the Iron Pigs park, Coca Cola Park in Allentown.

Was so great ! First the home run derby. Highlights were that Brandon Brooks had no home runs. Jalen Hurts, Micah Parsons (captain of the Parsons team) got boo'd at lot but was a great sport, AJ Brown (who won the home run derby), Devonta Smith(captain of the Smith team), Avonte Maddox and Boston Scott (who was on the Parsons team oddly enough) were all great players on the night.


What REALLY puzzled me was Hurts bats left handed!

You know what that means right? He's ambidextrous. Yipes, with his talent and ethic he could end up a generational talent like Randall was (who belongs in the Hall by the way).

Anyway the Smith team (composed of Eagles and Smith's brother, Christian) was down like 12-4. So me and my son and his wife and twin girls leave. It was a seven inning game and the Smith team brought them all the way back without allowing any more runs because Hurts was the pitcher for Smith Team. I think he learned more that just how to throw the football at his camp with the coach who was in former major league baseball player. He struck Parsons, who was the best player on the Parsons Team, out I think 3 or 4 times. But it was the bottom of the last and 7th inning and the game tied and Hurts comes in and hits a walk-off Home Run and Wins the game and the crowd and Hurts and the entire Smith team go breserk! He danced around the bases! So freaking awesome.

I kept, and keep, thinking of September.

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