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Which NFL team would you root for if the Eagles no longer existed?

In search of a second favorite.

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Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Today’s Eagles Question of the Day is based on the premise of the latest episode of The NFC East Mixtape: Who’s your second favorite NFL team?

If you reject that phrasing, well, let’s put it some other ways. Which team would you root for if the Eagles didn’t exist? (Cue: ‘Don’t put that evil on me, BLG!) Which team(s) do you have soft spots for? Which other teams do you maybe not root for but you respect them? Or at least not hate them as much as other teams?

The answers to these questions obviously come down to personal preference but I wonder if there’s any kind of popular answer out there. Here are some teams that I would consider rooting for if the Eagles didn’t exist:

  • The Chargers — The team now being based in LA decreases their rootability. They should be back in sunny San Diego (where I recently got back from visiting). Nevertheless, I think they’re a fun team to pick. They play in a different conference and on the other side of the country so it’s not like they really conflict with the Eagles. Justin Herbert is an awesome talent. The Chargers have had a number of fun guys over the years, such as Darren Sproles, LaDanian Tomlinson, Mike Tolbert (really went RB heavy here), Keenan Allen, Shawne Merriman, etc.
  • Seattle Seahawks — Longtime BGN readers will accuse me of Russell Wilson bias here. But it’s not all about that! For starters, he doesn’t play there anymore. I developed a bit of a soft spot for the Seahawks when I would use them in Madden 07’s franchise mode. Probably because Shaun Alexander was on the cover. For the sake of an Eagles connection, Bobby Taylor is one of my all-time favorite video game players; I recall him being really good in that game.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers — Most probably know that the Eagles and Steelers were actually one team — unofficially known as the ‘Steagles’ — during the 1943 season. Perhaps there are some out there with Keystone State pride who wouldn’t mind rooting for the Stillers if the Eagles weren’t an option. It’s not exactly a no-brainer, though. If your care about geographical proximity, the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets are closer options. And not that you would want to root for the New England Patriots by any means but Gillette Stadium is actually closer to Philly than Heinz Field is (mileage wise).

I know there will be those who can’t imagine themselves rooting for any team other than the Eagles. But lighten up and join our fun little offseason discussion, will ya?

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