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Did Nick Sirianni almost get into a fight with a Giants fan? [UPDATE]

One sports radio caller claims he recently had an encounter with the Eagles’ head coach.

Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Workout Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

UPDATE: John Clark says that the Giants fan’s story about his interaction with Nick Sirianni is “grossly exaggerated.” As suspected, Sirianni was being playful.


So here’s a funny, interesting, and unsubstantiated story to emerge during the NFL’s dead zone. A South Jersey resident claims he almost got into a fight with Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni on the mean streets tennis courts of Haddonfield, New Jersey. Via Elite Sports NY:

A WFAN caller alleged Thursday he almost threw down with the Eagles head coach while playing tennis at Centennial Park in Haddonfield, New Jersey. “Peter from Maple Shade” regaled morning show hosts Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti with the tale, saying Sirianni got upset because he — a Bronx native — was wearing a Giants cap along with a Yankees t-shirt.

Mr. Maple Shade says he was playing on the court adjacent to Sirianni and his wife when the kerfuffle occurred.

“He goes, ‘Hey, I have a problem with what you are wearing,’” the caller said. “And I go, ‘Listen bro, if you have a problem you come over here and do something about it.’”

The caller claimed Sirianni said he had a problem with someone wearing a Giants cap “on these courts.” Sirianni also allegedly repeatedly said the Giants and head coach Brian Daboll “suck.”

“I’m like, ‘This guy wants to fight,’” the caller said. He claimed Sirianni took a few steps toward him, but the brouhaha ended without further escalation.

It’s hard to merely take the caller at his word at this point in time because there’s no easy way to verify his story. It’s possible he fabricated this ... or mistook someone else for Sirianni.

That being said, the story isn’t incredibly far-fetched. Sirianni is a bit of a fiery guy and, having been around him in a limited capacity, I could realistically envision him teasingly trash talk someone wearing a Giants hat.

Now, I can’t see Sirianni actually coming to blows with some rando. Especially if the fight was merely motivated by someone wearing the gear of an Eagles division rival. But perhaps the caller instigated Sirianni more than he indicated while retelling the story?

Who knows.

Perhaps Sirianni will shed more light on this alleged encounter during his next media appearance. He’ll certainly be asked about it at some point. Sirianni is currently not scheduled to speak until Eagles training camp begins in late July but perhaps he’ll do a WIP interview or something before then.

In the meantime, are you buying the story?


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