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What is your favorite regular season game in Eagles history?

Question of the Day.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

“What’s your favorite game in Eagles history?”

If I were to pose that question, well, I’m pretty sure how most would respond. The answer is obviously Super Bowl LII. Doesn’t exactly make for interesting discussion.

And so for today’s Eagles Question of the Day™ let’s eliminate the playoffs and narrow the focus to the regular season. You have 1,253 games to pick from. Which one is your favorite?

For me, several contenders come to mind.

  • 44-6. If you don’t believe in destiny, well, this moment may have made you reconsider. The Eagles were very fortunate to be in a “win-and-in” position in the 2008 season finale. They took full advantage by destroying their top division rival in what was Brian Dawkins’ final game in Philly as an Eagles player.
  • The Miracle at the New Meadowlands. Or “The Miracle at the Meadowlands NUM-BER TWO!” as Mike Quick dubbed it on the call with Merrill Reese. I’ll never forget where I was for this one. I was attending a family Christmas party where no one really cared about the game except for me. Despite this, I was the one who wanted to turn it off while others didn’t mind if it stayed on. We did end up turning the game off but morbid curiosity had me wanting to listen to the 94WIP call on the drive home. With the Eagles unexpectedly rallying, I rushed to turn the game on when we got home. I was just in time to see DeSean Jackson’s walkoff punt return. I can’t even imagine being on the other side of that game; what a brutal loss as a Giants fan.
  • The Snow Bowl. There are multiple contenders from the 2013 season that could be considered here. Chip Kelly’s debut on Monday Night Football in Week 1 was pretty electric. Nick Foles throwing for seven touchdowns in Oakland was special. The Eagles having relatively nothing to play for yet blowing out the Chicago Bears by a score of 54-11 in Week 16 — which spawned Chip’s “We’re from Philadelphia and we fight” line — is an underrated moment. But it’s hard not to go with the incredibly unique atmosphere that was created by a stronger than expected blizzard at Lincoln Financial Field just minutes ahead of the Eagles’ game against the Detroit Lions. I distinctly remember not even being able to see the action on the field from the press box at one point. LeSean McCoy’s signature shifty style was optimized in the snow.
  • Multiple options from the 2017 season. If you can’t pick the Super Bowl itself, maybe you’re tempted to go with a game from that year. Jake Elliott making a 61-yard game-winning field goal against the Giants was when a lot of people knew that year was going to be special. Others might pick out the Carolina Panthers game on Thursday Night Football when the Eagles had to beat both their opponent AND Pete Morelli’s garbage officiating. The 2017 Eagles handed the Cowboys their worst loss ever at AT&T Stadium at the time with a blowout victory ... on the night when Jerry Jones received his Hall of Fame ring at halftime. Carson Wentz’s sensational Monday Night Football performance against Washington had the Linc lit that night but hasn’t exactly aged well. I could go on.
  • Something older. I’m “only” 30 years old so my memory of Eagles regular season games is relatively limited. At least compared to some “older” fans. I can’t really speak to the likes of Bounty Bowl or The Pickle Juice Game, for example.
  • Off the beaten path. Maybe you really enjoyed a game not listed here because it’s not one of the more obvious picks. Or because you attended the game in person and that made it more special for you. If that’s the case, all the more reason to weigh in below in the comments!

So, what say you?

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