Comp picks?

It is a very real possibility that we could get a nice compensatory pick for Dillard if we let him walk after the season
- mlbsports23 comment.

There is also Sanders, possibly Hargrave, Seumalo, Bradberry and then a lot of second tier players. Barnett also, but apparently did not have any suitors this off season. It has been a long time since we had so, so many players' contracts expiring. Check out OTC, switch to 2023, the long list on the far right are the players and you also have to look at the roster and find the $0 salary players who hit a void year.


The level of commitment required to get any comp picks is not something the Eagles ever do with the exception of the years of preparation to have a huge QB contract on the books (Wentz). At that point draft picks were super valuable for cap purposes, long term, low cost players. We went from having five picks in 2018, five in 2019 to ten in 2020 all of which would still be here if we did not lose Toohill and Prince. 2021 saw nine, again all are still here. Our last awful pick was Thorson in 2019. Something changed and the commitment to drafting well has become obvious since then (Reagor aside). Comp picks brought us Taylor and Discoll.

We were short of draft picks after years of trading them. We actually cut two of our free agent signings, Sendejo and Fort as they hit the ten week deadline to count against the comp pick formula. We ended up with two for Big V. and Tate, iirc.

The next year, Mills would have qualified, but Howie showed his hand when he keep adding free agents last year, granted all cheap ones since Hargrave's signing. Harris, Nelson, Kerrigan, Flacco, Wilson. We were back to normal, sort of, back filling the roster before the draft. Also, Howie started trading into the future to get extra first rounders.

So to repeat, we just never get comp picks as we are a team that signs free agents. Reddick, Pascal, White this year, for example. (I think Bradberry was after the deadline.) Besides, we did not having any free agent of our own sign a big contract this year. We will continue to sign free agents I guess until we face having a huge QB1 contract again. No COMP PICKS!

Historically, we also resign our own free agents before they can even hit the market. Bradberry has to be a target during or after the season unless he does not live up to expectations. Hargrave may be dedicated to hitting the market for one last big contract which is why the obvious extension has not happened to this point.