Eagles sign another UDFA RB

It seems that the Eagles have added another UDFA to the RB room.

Can't seem to find much on him, but did find this blurd:

Towson leaving behind Jerry Howard Jr.

After recording 1,114 all-purpose yards, including 850 rushing yards in four seasons for Georgia Tech, 5-11, 222-pound Howard was transferred to Towson, where he scored a team-best 932 rushing yards and three touchdowns in 2021. Did yoga

The sentence in the article literally cut off at "Did yoga" Perhaps he is flexible?

This seems to be mostly a depth signing and I don't see any real chance he makes the roster. Sanders, Gainwell and Scott are locks. A number of other guys, including Kennedy Brooks, would seem to have the inside track over Jerry Howard. And who knows, the immortal Jordan Howard will probably come back for another go around at some point. That being said, there is always room for at least one big bruisng back on the roster. I'm just not sure that a guy who couldn't really cut it at GT but dominated at Towson is the answer.

I know there are a lot of Towson alums in the area. Anyone familiar with him?