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A.J. Brown talks about his close friendship with Jalen Hurts

The wide receiver is excited to be an Eagle after a trade he called bittersweet.

The Eagles didn’t just add rookies during the 2022 NFL Draft; they also made a first-round trade with the Titans for wide receiver A.J. Brown. And not only did they trade for Brown, they signed him to a four-year, $100 million deal. He spoke to reporters on Monday about how the trade went down, and why he’s so excited to play with quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Brown mentioned that there were no hard feelings toward the Titans and the situation was bittersweet. He wouldn’t answer whether he requested a trade, only to smile and say that he’s not looking backward and he’s excited to be an Eagle. He wanted to know he was valued with whatever contract he signed, and he certainly got that from Philadelphia.

“I’m one of the top guys in the league. I’m confident in how I play, and what I bring to the table. I’m glad the Eagles believed in me.”

Here’s what the WR had to say:

On his friendship with Jalen Hurts

“He was recruiting me to Alabama, and I chose Ole Miss, but we stayed in contact this entire time and became really close friends. I’m extremely excited to play with him. We always joked about it, but we never thought it would be reality.”

Brown went on to say that communication and being on the same page is important for an offense, and with their established friendship, they’ll be able to hold each other accountable.

“I see a guy who is talented, believes in himself, has a strong arm, he’s on time. And this all coming from me, this is all the times we worked out together. I think the sky’s the limit for him. I’m gonna go to bat for him every Sunday, because he’s my friend. You know? It’s a different mentality you bring when you’re playing for somebody that’s important to you. It’s not about yourself no more, it’s about — you’re playing for someone else.

So, I’m going to go above and beyond for this team, and for him.”

On ending up in Philly

“I think Jalen [Hurts] was putting the bug in their ear, and it just kind of happened.”

As for the video of them working out together before the draft, Brown explained that Hurts attended his daughter’s birthday party and they always find time to get in a throwing session. He admitted that it wasn’t on purpose, but they had a little fun posting the video online.

“I think it just played out that way. It was kind of out of my hands a little bit, so we just went with it and I’m glad it happened.”

He talked about learning that there was a possibility of a trade around 1:00 PM on Thursday, and he had mixed emotions — even going cold on Hurts while he tried to think through the decision. He was a little sad that the Titans were on board with the trade, but Brown knows that it’s a business and he’s excited to be apart of the Eagles organization.

“[Hurts] made it a lot easier to make that decision, just because I know he has my back and he knows I have his.”

Other notables

  • While he might be one of the more veteran players in the Eagles’ WR room, Brown acknowledged that he’s still a student of the game as well, so while he’ll teach the guys whatever he can, he’s also eager to learn.
  • DeVonta Smith also reached out to Brown after the trade, and they’re looking forward to working together. Brown called Smith a speedster and a good route runner, and someone who will complement his my physical style of play.
  • As for what he wants Eagles fans to know about him, Brown talked about his passion for the game and passion for winning. He said that winning is all that matters to him. He isn’t a big regular season guy, he wants to win it all — something he hasn’t experienced since high school.

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