Mirror Backs and Grit

I think one of the reasons our running game was so effective with Howard last year is that he is so similar to Hurts. Did you know they’re the same height and weight, and ran the same combine 40? The reason why two distinctly different backs often results in one of them breaking off a huge gain is universal complacency. Defenses get comfortable with game flow; change it up. Hurts and Howard look the same, but Howard runs through you while Hurts is making you miss—plus, launching at him could get you flagged to give up a first down, no matter the distance. Talk about keeping defenses on their toes.

I know that it’s way too early, but I’m already all-in on undrafted Kennedy Brooks. It’s absolutely preposterous that a 3x1000yd back fell to us. I wonder if there wasn’t some La’el Collins action going on. Y’all remember him telling every team not to draft him, that he’d refuse to sign, after he fell out of the first round? Cowpies got him at dollar gen prices, so the news was mainstream. Given Brooks and Hurts were OK teammates, already, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if something like the Collins sitch let us steal Brooks in similar fashion. Hopefully Brooks can improve upon what we had going last year with Howard, but with fresher juice.

No matter what, I’m out on Sanders. Dude is super talented, but he’s too much like Deshaun Watson—in that he is always pulling himself out. I think dude might have a pain tolerance issue. He’s several miles stronger than me, but we don’t get paid the same. Whenever he exits the game on his own volition, rather than coach decision, the defense must be allowed to make their own substitutions. Plenty of people overlook the significance of this, but I always holler at my television. If I were an Offensive Lineman, I’d be in his face about it, because his weak pull out game means they’re likely facing rested monsters—rather than tired ones. I anticipate this won’t be as much of a problem this year—given Sanders will be looking for a payday in 2023. I just hope that payday comes from a competitors coffers so we can snag a decent compensatory pick, but I doubt it.