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There’s a new No. 11 on the Eagles for the first time since the Carson Wentz trade

Time for a #JerseyNumberAnalytics update.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

As the preeminent purveyor of all things jersey numbers, it is my duty to point out that the Philadelphia Eagles announced an important update regarding Zach Pascal on Friday afternoon.

The team revealed that the veteran wide receiver will be wearing No. 11 in Philly.

Pascal previously wore No. 14 during his four years with the Indianapolis Colts. That number was unavailable to him on the Eagles due to the presence of Kenneth Gainwell.

Pascal previously wore No. 6 during his three years at Old Dominion. That number was unavailable to him on the Eagles due to the presence of DeVonta Smith.

Pascal previously wore No. 81 during high school. That number was unavailable to him on the Eagles due to the presence of Richard Rodgers.

And so Pascal had to go a whole new route. He ended up getting No. 11 instead of other available options: 3, 13, 17. [The other openings that aren’t actually open due to unofficial retirings are 9 (Nick Foles), 12, (Randall Cunningham), and 87* (Brent Celek).]

Speaking of unofficial retirings, the Eagles seemingly put Carson Wentz’s No. 11 on ice last year. But now it’s back in the rotation.

The bad news is the history of Eagles wide receivers wearing No. 11 is certainly not one to be heralded. Take a look:

  • Josh Huff (rookie season)
  • stev smit

The good news is that Pascal has a low bar to clear to make him the most memorable No. 11 Eagles wide receiver of all time.

My official #JerseyNumberAnalytics stance on Pascal wearing No. 11 is that he could’ve done better for himself. It’s really too bad No. 87 wasn’t available to him because that would be a good look as one of the team’s biggest wide receivers. No. 17 would’ve been a good alternative, though. That one looked good on a bigger guy like Alshon Jeffery.

But it is what it is. We’ll see Pascal catching passes in No. 11 this season.

*I appreciate Celek as much as the next person, he had a great career, but it’s pretty silly they haven’t given out his number since he retired after the Super Bowl.

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