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Kyzir White is excited to play for the Eagles, his hometown team

The linebacker also thinks highly of the position group he’s joining.

The Eagles recently signed Kyzir White, adding another young, but experienced linebacker to the defense. Heading into his fifth season, the LB is excited for the opportunity to play for what he calls his hometown team.

“I think I’m a relentless player, a high-energy guy. I play with a lot of passion, heart, soul, and I aint the biggest, fastest, stronger but I feel like I play with a lot of heart, toughness, grit and that’s everything that Philadelphia’s made of. I feel like I’m the perfect fit.”

Here’s what the LB had to say.

On choosing to sign with the Eagles

White talked about knowing Philly has a great fanbase and they have a great team, coming off a playoff appearance, but he also mentioned being from about an hour away, so he’s got his family here.

“It’s the hometown team. I’m just excited overall, I feel like it’s a good opportunity for me.”

The LB later noted that, growing up so close, he used to attend Eagles’ training camp back when it was Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy. White’s first-ever NFL game was the Eagles’ Snow Bowl game in 2013.

“That made me want to play for the Eagles. Like right after I left the game, I’m like, man, one day I want to throw on that Eagles uniform and suit up for them. So, just to be here, it’s crazy how life comes full circle.”

He admitted that free agency didn’t pan out the way he expected, but ultimately he’s glad with being in Philly and is excited to make it work. White also acknowledged that he had some other opportunities, but he didn’t want to rush things so he talked to his agent and family, and decided to sign with the Eagles.

“I’d love to be here for the rest of my career [...] This is where I want to be. You know, one year deal, bet on myself and just prove it again.”

On the Eagles’ LB group

White likes the defense Jonathan Gannon runs and that he’s a high-energy guy.

“I think it’s a good opportunity, but I also think there’s great linebackers on this team already, like T.J. Edwards and a few of the other young guys. I was watching some film yesterday. They got a lot of good linebackers on this team, so I don’t know why people try to put it out there that the Eagles don’t have linebackers. From what I watched on film, they’ve got a lot of good talent here.”

On going from safety to LB after college

White quipped that he never imagined he’d be a linebacker, later pointing out that he was a little guy growing up, and it wasn’t ever an option until he got taller and put on weight and muscle in college.

He knew during the draft process that teams were looking at him to play linebacker, so that was always his plan as he transitioned to the NFL. White also said his background as a safety helped him at the linebacker position, citing his athleticism and ability to play the ball.